How Many Ex Boyfriends/Girlfriends Do You Have? Nadia Buari Says She Has ONLY One!

I know someone who will need 2 A4 sheets to put down the names of her ex-boyfriends at the age of 29 so I find it a little bizarre to hear Nadia Buari say she has only one ex-boyfriend. It can be true but then at her age, it is some sort of achievement you know!

I am certain Nadia Buari is talking about Michael Essien when she said she’s had only one boyfriend (Watch the video below).

Until someone comes out to say he has ever been with the talented Actress or one of you guys on this blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com convince us not to believe what she is saying in the video, we will have to accept what she said as the truth…

On this note, I will like to pop the question, how many ex-boyfriends or girlfriends have you had?

I have had 4 boyfriends so far so I think I am not doing that bad. You know what the men of today are, lots of garbage out there so you can’t stick around unless it is worth it. You never know what you are buying fully most times. I hope this is my last stop though! LOL

Watch The Video Below

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Fr Moses says:

For cry and loud, why are we all stressing ourselves. She has her private life to be kept private.
Nadia knows what she is saying stop interpreting for her. Either Essien or no Essien, she has her life to live. Let’s watch what ever we say.
Nadia my Angel I love you jooor.

C. says:

As for this one de3 I don’t believe. I think she was just joking when she said that.

Dodo says:

Fuckin lying b*tch. she’s a sl*t!!!

Dr. Miyagi says:

@Dodo,I guess your mama told her how to be a sl*t  let me ask you this have you been there to realise that real eyes realise real lies ofui “you are as real as your lies dabodabo

ato says:

@Dodo, not a married sl*t:

Gabby says:

I aint entirely convinced. so Nadia is trynna say Essien took her virginity? I learnt she got a baby. why is she acting like she shy in the interview?? come on, u are a celebrity, u suppose to articulate yourself not be flustered on camera…prolly, it’s cus of the language. I kinda understand then. but one Ex, 🙂 Nadia, be honest. but if Essien is the only man and he took your virginity, then congrats sweetheart….but if it ain’t true, then stop throwing dust into your fans eyes. stop slacking and be real….for sho tho.

KA NE WU says:


B.B says:

hmmmmmm, who am I to say she is lying? I believe you Nadia!

Betty says:

Surely you don’t expect her to count flings and casual flirting as relationships. If there is a man out there who thinks she is lying he should prove it. I know a labanese man who claims he dated Nadia but I suspect he was lying. People like to associate with success. The only one we know is Essien so let’s take it like that. LoL.

@Betty, “me like your comment” Lol…. You are absolutely right. besides there is nothing extra ordinary about her dating only one guy because there are thousands of girls like her out there. 

ato says:


nanya martinson says:

@Betty, me too. me ur like ur comment. essien is the only one we know so lets take it like that

Well, my sister is not an actress neither is she in the mainstream media but, She is a very beautiful young talented woman with all the qualities a man can find in a woman yet she has dated only one guy. So, what Nadia said is not new to some of us. However, I have this strong feelings that, her detractors will come out and lay all kinds of baseless accusation against her just to discredit her hard earned reputation. Go Nadia, we love you!

ato says:

@King kweku Quincy, they will fall in the very pit they digged for her. what is their business about that?

joy says:

What about Kweku T?

HisLordship Sir-cuddle Bright says:

@joy, who is kweku

HisLordship Sir-cuddle Bright says:

Everybudi has its own opinion and if she says one its up to her. If u have dated her before make it public but if u havent dated her ever then keep ur dam.n cavity CLOSED

Lima says:

she needs to stay true to herself,and stop lying. I know a guy here in Canada his name is Abbass. he dated her so why the lies. Also she should stop copying Beyonce signature. google the letter Bey sent to Michelle Obama and Nadia Signature and u will see what im talking about. Nadia, be original not limitation.

sii says:

i dnt hv one mpo, this is my first relationship.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Now I realise this girl love getting attention when are you going to com out of the closet 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@Dr. Miyagi, True.. but how many exes do u have?Its ok if u have to look for ur diary and count.We have all the patience to wait for the answer.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso),Hahahahah is it confession time lol not that many I’m a good boy but if you bring me 
Jollof rice with salad some orange juice than I will be happy to tell you but has to be home made food not take away 

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