Decline In Movie Sales In Ghana: Socrate Safo Blames It On 3 Factors

Majid Michel judging the ladies

Several reasons have been given as the main cause of the recent heavy decline in the sale of Ghanaian movies. Some of the major reasons given by movie enthusiasts are that, producers constantly use the same old faces in their movies.

For such people, introducing new set of actors would at least help the movie maker to turn things around in their way.

Can the automatic change of actors increase sales of movie? How is that feasible?

A cross section of them also has said that, perhaps if good stories are produced into movies, the decline in buying of movies wouldn’t be discussed now. It is said that, these days producers find it usual to reproduce movies they had already produced years ago. If not to make extra money, then I don’t know the reason.

This unfortunate trend has been a major concern for movie buyers too. Who wants to use their hard earned cash to purchase same movie with different titles? Very illogical.

Over the years when the cinema culture was still around and very vibrant, even though movie makers by then didn’t have or use modern equipment for filming, they had good stories to tackle with their not-so-good or old equipment.

Yet today the table has turned. Film makers now use good equipment for filming bad and stolen stories from other movies. Whenever you talk to any of the producers concerning those stolen stories, they tell you ‘every story has been treated before’ but now it appears that, they have to find a way to arrest the situation and also convince movie buyers.

Above are some views of the movie buyers. Socrate Safo, a movie maker however is blaming the decline in movie purchasing to three factors; TV Stations, Piracy and Distribution Channels.

The man who has been nicknamed ‘controversial’ due to the manner he tackles stories in his movies said the proliferation of television stations is a major hindrance to their growth and contributed to the decline in movie sales in the country.

Back to the cinema culture in those days, the cinema was the only source for many people to watch new movies before they are released on the market. Now all the television stations broadcast movies almost all the time.

According to him, that has prevented people from purchasing the movies, after all they can watch it free on television. He laid special emphasis on the free-to-air-channels as major culprits.

The second reason Socrate gave is the issue with piracy. He talked extensively about how pirates have retarded their progress, continuing that, they had lost the war against the pirates.

He said for about fourteen years, they fought the pirates with the same techniques and acknowledged that, they need to change how they operate to fight the pirates.

Talking about the last reason – Distribution Channels. Socrate said “We don’t have distributors in Ghana, we have shop keepers. People who just take the films and put it in their shops and just sit down somewhere …. and they wait for people to come and buy, they are not distributors”.

He concluded that a proper Distribution Channel has to be put in place to do proper distribution of Ghanaian movies. Socrate Safo was speaking on Talk Showbiz on eTV.

It appears that, the appropriate authorities have not come together to collectively fight the canker that is retarding the progress of the country’s Movie Industry.

Do we all share Socrate’s sentiments? When was the last time a good Ghanaian movie was even released? When was the last time you enjoyed a great Ghanaian movie?


GC Staff

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Lydia says:

Hi,all your can do is just to change those faces,frankly as for me are just don’t watch ghanaian African movie again because is just the same old bleach up girls and they just don’t have what it takes.just about the connections and s*x,we want to see real talented people.

Frog says:

The stories are not captivating enuf for me.The writers must out do themselves more stories are abound in our everyday life.

Twinkle says:

Same faces always,irrelevant storylines and too much nudity are the major causes.

Joy says:

I honestly think that Ghana movie sales are decreasing because the stories are always the same, the same actors/actresses who really can’t channel the emotions of their characters, the sound quality in the movies aren’t always the best(sometimes you aren’t able to hear what the actor/actress is saying,movements in the background or the music is too loud), some of the scenes in their movies are too provocative and always having those scenes always spoils the movie for me(ex:s*x,nudity…etc) and lastly the way the camera focus isn’t that good either(ex: The camera is too shaky) and the image quality isn’t all too great either. I think if they put a bit effort in improving these problems, then their movies/movie industry will surge and get recognition.

B.B says:

Well at least what the man is saying makes sense. 

`madam social says:

i sort of agree w/socrate for the first tym lol. and i also agree w/some of the above comments on the numerous parts to one movie. i think more attention and training  should be invested in the twi movie cos their story lines r authentic and truly Ghanaian.

nana ama says:

@`madam social, yeah twi script can be polished a little bit. Same old faces is becoming an issue they need to give others chances to do it. 

Amoah says:

I think there are still many great new movies from the Twi side. But the English side… hmmm to me it’s like, if you can afford a designer shoe why get a replica!!!

nana ama says:

@Amoah, twi movies surely make sense… english is all about styles, beauty and pointless same story everyday. They should invest more in stories than repeating some script over and over again 

giddyjay says:

as for me i will say d main problem facing d movie industry is lack of good stories and 2 many parts.

i think most of the problem is how every movie is divided into parts,1 ,2,3 and four,all of these parts can be conpressed onto one dvd but you have to buy everypart.this needs to be adreesed,but who says thers a decline in ghana movie sales .its rather booming,if an actor or actres is good like emelia brobbey ill buy any ghana film that is released.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@stephen yeboah,You make sense especially when those shops charge you ridiculous amounts
 People are not falling for it anymore I use to buy movies every week but with a little as 5 pounds a month 
You can now watch unlimited movies on the net 

Amoah says:

@Dr. Miyagi, you and your Irokotv…. LOL

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahaha lol that channel I mean u should know how much money I was spending on movies a week yet not all of them are exciting but as for the twi movies there is always something spicey about it @Amoah,

Amoah says:

@Dr. Miyagi, yeah, it is sad no Twi movies on irokotv.

enock says:

@Amoah, love iroko tv.

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