TV3, What Is Boogie Down All About?

blank“First In News”, “Best In Entertainment” is their slogan but I will dwell on the latter, in their quest to give factual meaning to their slogan “Best In Entertainment”, TV3 Network has always come up with entertainment programmes such as Music Music, Hitz Video, Spot Light, Bands Alive, Dance Fever, TV3 Carnival, The Battle and the just ended Ghana’s Most Beautiful on its network.

They have secured success with those programmes. It is with this same slogan ‘Best In Entertainment” that has given birth to a new entertainment program Boogie Down. What is Boogie Down all about? I asked after watching the maiden edition.

I happened to watch Spot Light on the same network a fortnight ago, which was hosted by Muntala Muntari. That day wasn’t bad at all as there wasn’t any controversial story but seeing the director of “Music Music” Paa Kwesi Ackom, I was more fired up and listened attentively. I was thrilled seeing him, because the success story of TV3 “Best In Entertainment” slogan will not be written without him.

Perhaps, I like him more because he made me understood the rudiments of acting after auditioning me for a role in a movie way back, I was really drained, because his kind-of-audition is not what I have seen at various auditions I have been to, this guy is a tough guy for the records.

He has the penchant for good productions, when you talk of Music Music, one thing that comes to mind immediately is Paa Kwesi Ackom, and he has brought diversity to the show.

‘Boogie Down’ is a fresh concept that will feature dance battles from the best in the business as well as discover new talents and looking at him speak on Spot Light about it, one is sure Boogie Down is perhaps an improvement on Dance Fever (Dance Fever was a competition for dance groups).

He made viewers to know that Boogie Down is a contest for individuals, unlike Dance Fever which was a competition for dance groups, and that the contest shall be broken into monthly face-offs and the winners from each month would faceoff at a finale later in the year, where the ultimate winner would be selected.

At least knowing Boogie Down is for individuals, the idea of being part crossed my mind, but I will come to why that idea has vanished like thin air now.

Fridays are special days – for me as a Wednesday born, I decided to watch the show knowing very well that Boogie Down will be purely Old Skuul Hip Hop, because I don’t like take-me-to-the-candy-show kind of hip hop (no disrespect to 50 Cent, I just love my Old Skuul, am purely Old Skuul person.

I was fired up to watch the maiden edition of Boogie Down, It was an eyesore the whole duration of the show was a complete waste of time (perhaps for me), it bit my imagination why a whole TV3 can waste one or so hours on that show as there is a major competition as to which network gets the most viewer ship, for once I thought I was watching some old drunkards dancing to Screw Face’s waist twisting track Gbalagaza.

Watching the show, I got the impression that, the whole idea was singled out from the movie “You Got Served”, unless am proved wrong. Most annoying aspect of it all was that I skipped TGIF, yes I mean KSM’s Thank God It’s Friday (who would want to miss KSM shows).

After watching the maiden edition, I kept my silence hoping to see something different in the second edition but it was the same story. Wondering what is happening on TV3, I stumbled on Paa Kwesi Ackom at the TV3 premises.

Speaking to Paa Kwesi Ackom, he said they have not replaced Dance Fever with Boogie Down; the only thing is that, it is an entirely different thing; Boogie Down is a TV3 production just like the Music Music and the rest but Dance Fever is a reality show which takes 3 months, and a lot of sponsors have showed interest in being part of it.

‘Vodafone, the major sponsor of Dance Fever have showed interest to be part again, so we don’t have to rush and give it to another sponsors, we need to be loyal, besides Vodafone sponsored Gang Starz and the just ended Ghana Most Beautiful”. He said after asking him why they’ve replaced Dancer Fever with Boogie Down.

So what is the idea of two presenters? He said the idea is simple, one presenter for the audience and the other one for the show itself. With Boogie Down, there is jamming/dancing in the studio when we go for a commercial break that explains why the audience stands instead of sitting.

“Similar thing happened in the Dance Fever but because with that the stage was much higher than we have so you couldn’t see the audience”, he ended.

If tv3 can revisit their slogan “Best in Entertainment” then Boogie Down should be taken off air or something really needs to be done about it, I know the concept is just brilliant but the execution is just wrong, it needs more planning.

Paa Kwesi Ackom, we are still waiting for Dance Fever.

By: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./


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