Another “Dumb” Saying From Samini: I Have Always Had More Than One Girl….WTH?


I really think Samini has issues or he is just playing dumb nowadays. Some of the remarks coming from Samini  is far from intelligent and to some extent disrespecting to women. I am bemused as to how Samini, a role model of many young Ghanaians including my own little cousin ” Joe” keeps pouring out garbage.

From what I know, celebs are taught how to answer questions during interviews but it seems Samini is just throwing out answers without careful consideration of  his status, the effects and the fact that he is a role model.

You care to know why I am fuming? Read below for more


Controversial dancehall and ragga artiste, Emmanuel Andrews Samini, popularly known as Samini, whose romantic and sex life has constantly been in the news, is at it again.

Speaking on Day Break Hitz on Hitz FM with Lexis Bill on Wednesday, Samini dropped a bombshell – that he has dated countless number of women and that he started dating when he was in primary school.

Asked how many girls he has dated, Samini was blunt: “I can’t count. As long as I have known myself, since class three to today, I have always had more than one girl at a time.”

He recounted that when he was even in class one, he used to do class assignments for his girlfriend. “When I was in class one, I used to take my girlfriend’s slate and write 1 to 20 that they’ve given us, the assignment. I will write mine, put my slate down, take my girlfriend’s slate and write everything for her from 1 to 20.”

Samini disclosed that the story behind his hit song Sweet Mistake, released early this year, is a general occurrence that could happen to anybody and that “in my situation, if you listen to the song carefully, I wasn’t busted…”

Recently it was widely reported that he was married to two women but when he was asked how many women he is currently with and possibly married to, the Sweet Mistake singer said, “I have got more women…I have not concluded the number yet, am still counting,” adding that in terms of marriage, “I am affiliated to all the women affiliated to me…still counting.”

He also said he has three kids and also still counting.

Asked how many times he has sex in a week, Samini’s reaction was swift saying, “I don’t really count the number of times I have sex but I have sex when I am with the one that I have to have sex with…I would want it any time I want it, any time I need it. After a hard day’s work, lion has to be tamed so he can lie down calm.”

From a humble beginning of a music career that started in church when he was a kid, in 2004, Samini, then Batman, had his hit song Linda disqualified from the 2004 edition of the Ghana Music Awards because it was alleged that some lines in the song were sexually suggestive.

Several years after, he has won several awards including Best African Artiste at the 2006 Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards and the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAS) Best Performer award.  Source:  Myjoyonline/Ghana


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19 thoughts on “Another “Dumb” Saying From Samini: I Have Always Had More Than One Girl….WTH?”

  1. Samini is indeed stupid to pour out such garbage 4rm his stinking mouth, but i dnt really blamed him alot but blame those CHEAP ladies dat go after him.

  2. I actually found his confession noble. I would rather people were upfront about what they did than delude people into thinking they were saints. Better than the sneaky ones who talk and act like angels in public, they are the nefarious ones.

  3. in an attempt to be cuul or protray that u’re a “sharp” guy, u might end up sayin too much and lookin foolish. this is the situation Samini finds himself. He wants everyone to knw that he is the real meanin of the word playa but wht he’s failin to tak notice of is that he is not just anybody.he is someone that other ppl look up to.can u imagine wht these kids who see him as a role model will think? that it’s cuul to date more than one girl at a tym and it’s gud to affiliate with as many women as u wish…Samini should relax.he doesn’t have to prove to anyone that he’s a “sharp guy”, we all don’t.

  4. i believe dis samini guy is seriously on hard drugs and de effect is simply wat we are witnessing.cud someone take him to see his psychiatrist cos i tink he is seriously sick.ladies beware and no one should luk up to such a fool who disrespects women(his mum is one ,right) as a role model

  5. No wonder his 2nd wife dumped him and has apparently cut him off. He should not be allowed to produce any more kids as he will not teach them any morals! Any woman to have more kids with this guy knowing all this is just dumb and desperate!

  6. wooow dis useless guy think hes cute aaama or rich??tweeaaa ghana gurls wil fall his stupid pranks..nonsense..HIV n cancers r waiting 4 me

  7. I sometimes have problem with people who have problem with what people say or do.. What I think about such people is that , they are really mean… How can you expect a Whole Samini to be like you.. For all you know, He was just joking… I don’t think this is the first time he’s been asked such questions and this isn’t going to be the last time either so pls let him be… Samini, you’re a true African Warrior, Let’s have fun… After all the ladies are more than the men.. 1Love Blood….


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