New Music Video: Eazzy Feat Richie “One Gal”, Still Lacking Creativity!

Richie & Eazzy
Richie & Eazzy

Eazzy’s “Wengeze” video was a massive flop and suffered serious criticisms from fans and other music lovers, especially GhanaCelebrities.Com readers.

I was expecting her “One Gal” video to come out and make a good impression but Eazzy and her Lynxx Entertainment crew have once again disappointed me.

It is far better than “Wengeze” but lacks the creativity and the catch attention-appeal to make it to any international platform. Who has been directing these videos?

The concept is a borrowed one; maybe the concept is too common or familiar in music videos and movies thereby making me not to see anything new or extraordinary with the video.

I swear I have seen a video or a movie like that where because of a heavy traffic; a bride gets off from the wedding car and jumps unto an “Okada bike” to make it to the destination…

Is this the only way the “One Gal” musical story can be interpreted? And what is all the on the bike “dorkodorko” dance that Eazzy was doing? I am still waiting for a good video from Eazzy; this could not nail it at all…

Also, I did not see the usual “sexy Eazzy girl” we know in this video. Richie could have shaved a bit to make the video a bit more real and add some class to it. I think he had no make-up done or if he had one , it was poorly done…

Overall, I will do Eazzy a favour and give her 5/10. What do you think about the video? Check it out below…



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27 thoughts on “New Music Video: Eazzy Feat Richie “One Gal”, Still Lacking Creativity!”

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! first to comment! lol
    ok, i kinda love this cos so far it is the best video eazzy hasreleased oo.
    girl riding a bike in a gown?
    the story line is kinda on point even tho it reminds me of Kojo Antwi’s Kakayi Video…
    so far the best…(at least it wasnt richie ridin de bike lol)
    n OJ as sofo)? eish 

  2. Oh woow..I’m sure eazzy waz super sweatin wen she got to de avenue..waa look at de minister in sunglasses n is wacky wacky..I ain’t feelin groom in sunglasses cud ve bn polished a lil bit..its a

  3. seriously it does,how can u have an after party before yuh wedding? re u kidding me?…it simply lack the edge and i think they shld reshoot it…its shot of creativity.

    • it’s called a bachelorette party-not an after party!! and really, y’all know the video ain’t half as bad! and oh it’s -“it’s short of creativity”

  4. Look at this fool oj black being the pastor looks more like a Taliban standing their at night and what was the deal with that bicycle funny 

    • Is it really necessary for you to call OJ Blaq a fool? I mean come on, what did the guy do wrong? Show some respect please……. or do you have a personal beef with him? He is just acting his part well and I think is quite funny.

      • @uneek did I state in my above comment that I got issues or any beef with him I call him Taliban and so that’s what he looks like period you wanna do something about it bring it if not  dude mind your on business than 

  5. all some people know how to do is dis other people’s good work. eazzy has done really well. its a lovely and creative video. i don’t know if the writer has a problem with her or has run out of stories to write. maybe the writer is lacking creativity. good job eazzy. bad job writer

  6. i personally think Eazzy’s one gal video is not as bad as people r saying,i think dis video is OK but as some said it lucks creativity but not dat much creativity u noe 🙂 

  7. I think it is a pretty nice video……..The bicycle  cracked me up…so did the stripper….army uniform and all…..(they needed a more “Pretty” boy stripper but the dude got the chest so…he  passes)………I love the way she was rocking on the bike… huh???
    Overall i think is a very nice video and Chris please cut lynx some slack…..It is not half as bad as you made it seem…………..
    Was that like a real “kiss” at the end.??………..wink wink…:)………

  8. i love, love, love, the video. of course you all have have your own opinions……but the story line was nice and eazzy to understand. not over exxagerated and all over the place. i think the director kept it simple and straight foward. kudos to the directing team . Sony and his peeps.

  9. love this video .. really loved the concept!!! why CHRIS-VINCENT did you watch this with your eyes closed? you think it has a common concept ????? what pills are you on? MOVE BACK by five 5 has the most common concept in the history of videos it lacks creativity, the only thing that helped that video was the camera cos it was clear ….. r u really a writer??? seriously are you getting paid to do this?? quit your job!! i’m loving this video…. thank God!! Ghanaians are finally doing something outside their comfort zone good job EAZZY! 10 FOR EAZZY 0 FOR CHRIS-VINCENT THE SELF APPOINTED WRITER!! surely u r not a product of adisco ….. smh… STICK TO LAW OK!!! SMH

  10. i actually thought they did a great job,in everything we do in this world we can do better but they tried. I love the song n the video.


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