This Is What Happens To Cocaine Barons In Ghana Now: Sima Of Exopa’s Assets To Be Seized & Sold To The Public, Do You Think It Is Fair?…

Ibrahim Sima, CEO Of Exopa
Ibrahim Sima , CEO Of Exopa

The Narcotic Control Board of Ghana has realized that, some cocaine Barons do not really care to spend years in prison and finally come out to enjoy their cocain money and assets. As a result of this trend, the new measure is to confiscate assets of cocain Barons serving prison sentences.

It has been announced that, the assets of the boss of Exopa Modelling Agency ‘ Ibrahim Sima’ will be confiscated but not given to the State, It will rather be sold to the public. I  think this action is perfect and fair…

The acting Executive Director of NACOB, Yaw Akrasi Sarpong told Citifmonline that “Everyday you have about hundred people who have worked with couriers, they are not bothered because when they go to prison the barons look after them and in the case of Ghana in particular where the legal space is common law jurisdiction, there is a lot of avenues of people to be defended.

“Starting from the Ibrahim Sima case, recently we published a list of all his assets that we know, if nobody claims ownership to those assets we will start a process of confiscating them and when we confiscate them we will not give them to the state we will sell them out”.

Do you think this is a fair and good move? Assets huh? Does that mean Exopa Modelling Agency would also be sold ? I know someone who might want to buy that…


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25 thoughts on “This Is What Happens To Cocaine Barons In Ghana Now: Sima Of Exopa’s Assets To Be Seized & Sold To The Public, Do You Think It Is Fair?…”

    • i so agree with you on that but dude got to learn his lesson 
      but on the other hand i think The Narcotic Control Board of Ghana is using 
      another scam just to make more money why not bring this law in many 
      years ago why wait until his case unless Ibrahim Sima has been boasting 
      inside the prison about his wealth something sounds really fishy

  1. I do appreciate the signal the Narcotic board want these barons to know.This will really let them know that,these games are loss!loss!game.These drug monies influence our siblings to become Insane like Miyagi,waste talents,breed criminals as if we are in Nigeria where criminality is taking as a good deed,prostitution as well as takes our precious girlfriends with their dirty monies and u dare not to challenge their f#$k ass.What piss me off is, they give a wrong impression that we the hardworking ones aren’t Smart.

    • Dude your so sad you know you make a good point yet you had to put my name in there are you so obsessed with my name, just a reminder I you aint hurting me at all with your kindergarten sentences, you aint my level and will never be understand that I want even insult you no more but speak to you as a father speaking to his son grow up do something with your life act mature if your one and stop fooling your self for once okay mr hole on blast

  2. Ok so this is it….the court finds someone guilty for attempting to traffic cocaine out of the country and sents him to jail and then the NCB of Ghana decides to sell his assets!!! wow so where does the money from the assets go to? and what is the criteria for the sales..who buys what? this is just an attempt by the ncb to come clean and profit..becos if this guy had been doing this cocaine thing for long then probably he had some help or connections from these same people. I believe it is only the court that can stipulate whats to be done with the assets of someone found guilty of a crime NOT ncb….the intension is clear…i mean it will serve as a lesson to those looking at that trade but i think due proccess has to be respected..Chris will help me out with the law on this one

  3. Im not sure the legalities of selling assets of drug barons, unless it can be proven the wealth acquired was through narcotics. you dont get receipts with VAT and NHIL when you by a gram of coke or heroin and with all the money laundering schemes in Ghana, it will be hard to prove. But then again, why dont they just make jail terms longer. Someone steals a goat gets 15 years, one is caught with 5 tonnes of cocaine gets 6 years. where is the logic in that.

  4. i dont know why they will want to seized his asset. people commit murder and all sort of atrocities yet they are being given few years to spend in jail. i am not trying to say what he did was good but come to think of it, through his effort he has directly and indirectly created jobs for boys and girls in Ghana through modelling, tv commercials, ushers at event and so on…one can model for a clothing line for a nite n will be paid 200 cedis n more which is better than salaried workers in GH with a degree. how can someone who is indirectly providing job for the youth be subjected to this whiles the so called politician who promises ppl jobs cannot fulfil their promises yet ppl still praises them….. May God help us.

    • providing jobs through ill wealth, and you want him to be commended? Anastacia, you dont want to know how many people he has killed and continue to kill through his effort. start of in columbia and check the number of civilians and police killed through to the drug fuelled deaths across the west. The cheap propaganda thing about creating jobs for models and the like are utter rubbish. Drugs are linked directly to gangs and most social vices straight from the coca producing countries, to transit points like Ghana and destinations like the UK and USA.

      If it can be proven legally his wealth was acquired through narcs, then sell em, but longer jail term solves all this…..68 years

  5. oh well! what else can we say life has neva been fair. my question is where is the ,money gonna go after they sell his assests?

    • @ madam social, thats a question that came to mind. i surely know these ppl will  by all means pocket some on the money.

  6. Well in the USA assets seize from drug lords are sold, most at public auctions. What most drug lords do is to lauder their monies. In the 80’s I understand that a lot of these drug lords, when they are caught, would sign over their assets to family member by selling them under value. They would “sell” their mansions, cars, businesses to family member at cut-cost. After they’ve served their prison they would just reverse the transaction. This was a common practice back then, what is the new way of getting around the law now is anyone’s guess. But properties/assets of drug lords being sold by government is nothing new, at least not in the USA. So, for my opinion, as asked by the author, I think it is fair that assets of drug barons/lords be sold, especially if it can be determined beyond reasonable doubt that they were attained through drug money.

  7. So why was he jailed at all? Why not sieze his properties Απϑ let him start all over again…..this is soooooooo not fair….if they want to confisicate his properties then they should release him….aabaaaa!!!!! People commit worst crimes yet they r judged n given shorter sentences n walk around freely after sum time….I know Sima is guilty but now I believe strongly that there is A̶̲̥̅ conspiracy against him…..NACOB officials are after his properties…….GOD save GHANA from corrupt officials……

    • Pershia, he is imprisoned because he broke the law and was found guilty. His assests were seized and ‘will’ be sold because they were ill-gained. There is no option for punishment of a crime. It is not either or. I believe that this should have been implemented long ago to deter others from following in this line of business. He can ‘start over’ when he gets out of prison. Drug activity destroys lives and devastate communities. Just because he got ‘wealthy’ off his crime doesn’t mean that there is not the flip side of others being hurt. Why should he be rewarded in anyway at all. It is not either a jail sentence and you get to keep your wealth or you lose your wealth and stay out of jail. I hope others will think carefully before venturing in this type of activity. What will happen when the drug barons of europe, Columbia or Mexico decide to move into Ghana? This is a very serious issue. But then again that is just my opinion and although I don’t agree with you I respect your opinion as well.

      • good point kr, it makes perfect sense, but I wonder how the authorities in ghana can prove his wealth were acquired through narcs. money laundering is still rife in america and the uk, and i wonder if ghana has the logistics to tackle it head on. surely a longer sentence will be a better deterrent. whiles the jailed baron tucks into the cassava and zomi for lunch, his friends and relatives can go for a spin in his maserati. saudi arabia and uae will give you 120 years if you are done for weed! that deters 90%

        ghana and the west africa unfortunately is now the world distribution hub of cocaine. from south america, to bribe-prone customs and border agency official in ghana to the lucrative market is america and europe. where the pop stars and celebrities want a line a day. longer jail terms with holidays to guantanamo bay every year will do me. 

        • Good point but one thing I think you got mixed up is the proof. In cases of seizure and confiscation, the burden of proof is not on the state or the seizing authority to establish anything.

          They confiscate every asset in the criminal’s name or those that can be traced to him. The burden then lies on the criminal and his lawyers to prove that some of the assets or those assets were not obtained via criminal activity…

          So the NCB can seize everything of his and then if Sima and his people cannot prove otherwise, then BINGO, they go on public sales such as auction…

      • @kr: ‎​†̥ånKz- so much for throwin more light into †нє issue….I guez I was sympathizing wiτ̅h someone who through †нє exporting n importing of cocaine all over has destroyed many lives….he deserves wateva dat is coming to him……….

  8. chris, thats why a lengthy jail term is the best option i think. they know they will do their time, come back and enjoy their profit, no wonder some celebrate their birthdays in high security prisons with champagne for all the inmates and prison officers as well. at nsawam I heard some of the guards were even fighting for the drumstick and referred to the inmate as sir. if i steal  “efie akoko” and i will be incarcerated for 10 years and 5 years for coke, its not rocket science which gives the biggest rewards and which i will risk.

  9. I still can’t get  it…..the assets r confiscated n not going to the gov’t but sold to the public. Everybody knows when stuff r confiscated n they r sold, the money goes back to the gov’t…….so Chris come out clearer pls

  10. This is a STUPID Argument…the man is a CRIMINAL…..if you do not want your stuff seized, do not sell drugs.

    Why the sympathy for these criminals.???or are you all impressed with their ill-gotten wealth……learn how to WORK HARD….There are no SHORTCUTS IN LIFE!!!!!!


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