Vivienne Achor Replaces Kalsoum Sinare In The Movie ‘Destiny’s Child’!

Destiny Child Lead Actresses
Nana Akua Addo, Roselyn Ngissah and Helen Asante, Lead Actresses in Destiny's Child

Ghanaian actress Vivienne Achor has been called to replace actress Kalsoum Sinare in the movie ‘Destiny’s Child’ which is still under production…

Kalsoum Sinare was casted to play the mother of the three main characters in the movie; Chalyne [Helen Asante], Nana Akua [Nana Akua Addo] and Denise [Roselyn Ngissah] but has to be replaced on professional grounds.

Vivienne joins the casts of the movie made up of both experienced and new faces such as the co-winner of the ‘Best Actress’ at Ghana Movie Awards 2010 Roselyn Ngissah, fast growing actresses Helen Asante, Nana Akua Addo as well as Eddie Watson, Sammy Forson, Chi-chi Neblett, Ciara Zita Galega and Eunice Asiedu alongside special guest artistes Mimi, Ephraim and Rough & Smooth!

After staying in Surulere, Nigeria for 12 years Vivienne returned to Ghana with lots of experience in the film industry as a result of her movie work out there. In Nigeria, she worked with the likes of Opa Williams, Chico Ejiro, Zeb Ejiro and others.

She has featured in many soap operas and over 50 movies with some being ‘Save My Love’, ‘I Love Your Husband’, ‘Before

Prince David Osei, Socrate Safo (Movie Africa) and Vivian Achor
Prince David Osei, Socrate Safo (Movie Africa) and Vivian Achor at the launch of Ghana Movie Awards 2010

My Eyes’, ‘Expensive Vow’, ‘True Colors’,  ‘Cross My Heart’, ‘Fake Feelings’, ‘Royal Battle’, ‘Darkness Of Sorrow’, ‘Official Prostitute’, ‘Bleeding Love’, ‘Love Brewed In America’, ‘Dry Leaves’, ‘The Child’, ‘Agege Spirit’, ‘Tentacles’.

‘Destiny’s Child’ tells a story of three poor sisters;  Chalyne [Helen Asante], Nana Akua [Nana Akua Addo] and Denise [Roselyn Ngissah] who loved music and at their young ages, they danced at various venues in Accra to make a living after their father’s demise.

Eventually they got their break – they became music stars after taking part in a musical competition. Achieving stardom – from grass to grace, the devil sets in as they totally forgot about their mother and where they came from – the slums.

‘Destiny’s Child’ talks about the personal choices people make that either grows or brings them down. It addresses various life problems as well as finding answers to these problems. It also tackles many issues that are ignored by newly-rich-people.

The movie is currently being shot on locations in Accra. Also good technical experts have been employed to work on it lead by Nollywood director Willie Ajenge and produced by Hau Of  Kadewe Films.

Watch videos of the preparations for the movie and a teaser below. Click here for some of the behind the scene pictures.


Story by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.Com/Ghana


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9 thoughts on “Vivienne Achor Replaces Kalsoum Sinare In The Movie ‘Destiny’s Child’!”

  1. Please dont tell me that HeGOAT Socrate Safo directed this. I DOUBT… THIS movie better be worth it. Already seems a little weird. Good to see they never added the usual stars in it though. Im a fan of Roselyn Ngissah. The other 2 are new faces.

  2. Am so happy 4 nana akua she is really growing very fast and rosrleny love them both. but is good that they casted vivienne to kalsoum!!

  3. It good that they changed kal she likes make up too much and have seen so much of her am tierd of her and the yvoon,nadia, jackie we need new act n face. wanner see this movie oooooooooOoooooooooo


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