Photos From The Launch Of Kumawood Film Festival & Akoben Movie Awards

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Yesterday in Kumasi, a new awards scheme to award Actors, Actresses, Writers, Directors, Producers, Technician and other personalities in the local film making industry in Ghana was launched in Kumasi…

Click here to read more about the awards and the launch. 

Check out the photos of the launch below…




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  1. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard the word ”Kumawood”, like for real….. Good idea tho, it’s hard time they start appreciating each others work..

  2. KUMAWOOD…..!!! den i think ve to name my movie industry Qwawood since everybody is going by WOOD WOOD…eeeeiii beiii adzen….ghanaians shd stop fotocopying…..KUMAWOOD MTCHEWWWWW!!!!!!

  3. Enkrausi fuo eni omu enkwasia Enkruasi si den. Edien nkwasia din so ni KUMAWOOD. Fcking idiots- Whoever came up with the name is an illiterate or just dumb

    1. @BreastlinaNufour,Ei they are trying to be creative. hehehehe  Anaa?? Kuraseni usually means someone who lives in a village. We have several thousand villages across Ghana and I would say some of them are much more respectful and self confident than some “city” dwellers 

    2. @BreastlinaNufour, I’m really surprised at your behavior, language and figure. Do you advice through insults. OMG, where r we heading towards. Please advice next time when criticizing and don’t insult. Be supportive. Check.