Just For Laugh: Ghanaians After Asamoah Gyan’s Head!

Asamoah Gyan dancing after scoring at the World Cup in South Africa

Ghanaians are sore losers. Yes they take defeat seriously and you can’t blame them for it. Perhaps they don’t care about the feelings of the other teams – all they care about is to win and win.
Striker Asamoah Gyan’s inability to convert the penalty in the game against the Chipolopolo of Zambia in the Semi Finals of the just ended African Cup of Nations was the reason why Ghana failed to advance to the finals and subsequently win it. We don’t even know if we would have won it.
I know you would ask “So what happened to those clear and begging chances we missed?” All I can tell you is that if Gyan had converted the spot kick, it would have changed the face of the match. Laughs!

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I know you will say that, even Ivory Coast’s Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, a much bigger player than Gyan also wasted a penalty in the finals. And I will respond with, Drogba wasted a penalty kick and so what?
Is he a Ghanaian? Well if you care to know Ghanaians don’t care about him because he’s not Ghanaian. They are probably complaining about Gyan because he’s a Ghanaian.
After failing to convert the spot kick which many believed prevented Ghana from winning its 5th AFCON Cup and with the believe that Ghanaians are after him for breaking their hearts, Gyan played it cautious by not travelling to Ghana.
From the tournament, Gyan flew straight to his club Al Ain in UAE. The picture shows Gyan being welcome with cheers and happiness.  I can bet the reception would have been different in Ghana. Check the picture below.

blankPicture credit: artpearance graphic 



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0 thoughts on “Just For Laugh: Ghanaians After Asamoah Gyan’s Head!”

  1. hahahahahahahaha……………………… I would have done the same thing if I were him.
    I bet Ghanaians were waiting impatiently for him……….lol That’s GH for you! No one cares if you have been scoring goals you messed up a chance to win, all the blame will be on you. 

  2. hahahahah the words in the picture is very funny LOL…You’re very right, we don’t accept defeat well. All we think of is us winning and the fact is no team qualified to come and joke around..Better luck next time…Ghana, no matter what you do or say don’t forget what this guy did in the Ghana vs USA match and also the important friendly against England… These Al-lin or whatever people are so so happy to have him back..Well, I’m still here supporting you mehn…By the way, the design Dolce and Gabana (D&G) is now Drogba and Gyan.


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