7 Cameroon Olympic Athletes VANISH

Yeah you read the headline right…7 Cameroon Olympics Athletes have vanished into thin air. They have disappeared like some mystery ‘men’…
The 7 Olympic Athletes have ‘magically’ disappeared from the Olympic village in London and we all know what they are up to-this appears to be an effort to abandon their home country and seek greener pastures in the UK.
Sometimes you cannot just understand some Africans. You have been greatly honoured by your country and this is how you decide to pay them back?
On a second thought, are we even sure they are genuine athletes? Maybe some guys with money who paid some few top people in Cameroon to be put up as athletes just to get entry into UK and then disappear like dwarfs…LOL
The head of  the Cameroon Team have mentioned that the athletes in question — 5 boxers, a swimmer, and a soccer player have visas that will allow them to remain in UK until November.
The soccer player  is reported to be a reserve goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team named Drusille Ngako. She was the first to disappear, followed by swimmer Paul Edingue Ekane and then five boxers, Thomas Essomba, Christian Donfack Adjoufack, Abdon Mewoli, Blaise Yepmou Mendouo and Serge Ambomo disappeared on Sunday.
They had all already been eliminated from the games and were waiting for the Olympics to finish before heading back to Cameroon as a team.
Maybe they are going for the Gold medal in HIDE & SEEK!


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