OUT SOON: The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set, The Perfect Gift For Those You Love…

Adams Apples Box Set
Adams Apples Box Set

If you have been thinking about what gifts to give to those you love-the sweetheart, the family and friends this festive season, then Sparrow Productions have made it easy to put a smile on the faces of those you care about.

One effect every gift must have on the recipient is the ability to put a smile on the person’s face. And with ‘The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set’, you are guaranteed not only a single smile but a continuous smile.  Anytime your recipient of this perfect gift receives a guest and he/she goes into her African Movies Collection, the ‘Adams Apples Box Set’ will certainly be picked, bringing back the smile…

Though the Box Set makes a perfect gift, you can also purchase it and add it to your African Movie Collections. Together with your family or friends, you can excitingly watch the ‘Adams Family’ take you through their ‘Sexy, Sassy, wahala’ life each time you want to enjoy a GREAT African movie.

Without all the released Adams Apples DVDs in your collections, what movies will you proudly show your African movie loving friends when they visit?  I hope not those substandard and bad quality ‘concert party’ African movies…

Another reason why you should quickly get ‘The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set’ is that, there are only few copies for sale-Limited Edition. And also, the Box Set has never seen interviews and behind the scenes videos which takes you into how the movie series started and the secret behind its huge success.

I think I should let you in on the fact that, the DVDs are clear high quality copies put together in the United Kingdom by Amazon and not the usual bootleg DVDs/VCDs being sold around. You are therefore surely going to get your money worth when you purchase the ‘The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set’.

You have only this limited time to buy one of the best Ghanaian Movie Series produced and would ever to be produced.

For those in Ghana, you can get ‘The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set’ from 27th December, 2012 at Koala Shopping Centre and Airport Shell in Accra. If you want the DVD Box Set to be delivered to you, special ordering numbers will soon be announced/provided.

And for those outside Ghana, Amazon will be stocking limited copies of ‘The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set’ from mid January, 2013. When it is finally released on Amazon, we will inform those of you outside Ghana (through another post)…

If you are in Ghana, you can surely enjoy the Christmas holidays at home with friends and family while laughing out loud over some food, drinks and of course ‘The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set’.

‘Adams Apples’ is written and directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso and produced by Ken Attoh. It features John Dumelo, Joselyn Dumas, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Yvonne Okoro, Anima Amisa Amoah, Adjetey ‘Pusher’ Anang, Ellen Asante and several other talented actors.


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5 thoughts on “OUT SOON: The Complete 10 Chapter Adams Apples DVD Box Set, The Perfect Gift For Those You Love…”

  1. eeeeiiiii chris,as for this one diiieeeeee……a typical commercial dients3 hahahahahaha this aint no article,this is business right here lmaaaooooooo how much they paid for this advert???looooooooool just kidding…..anyways finally to hear that it comes a combo,i always thought it was stupid to buy every piece of it instead of a combo… i can make my purchase,been waiting for it.

  2. eii, Shirley nono! Business woman anaa! I told my sister when Shirley decided to do 10 series that it’s a fabolous idea because after all the series ends, and she finishes sellings the dvds individually, she can sell all the dvds as a pack because lots of people would have misplaced their own or would have missed some dvds and want to buy the whole pack! Now, 3no na 3da hor no! Hmm, i hope I also get such good business ideas o! And then of course I’ll have to get off my lazy bum and implement those business ideas quick and make some dough! hahaha

  3. wooohoo super excited. i’ve been waiting for this forever. too bad i got to wait till January. for sure getting myself a set 


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