POLITRICKS OF THE DAY: Woyome Does Not Care What You Think, He Bluffs That He Will Win Case

WoyomeBusinessman and self-acclaimed financial engineer, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, is brimming with overwhelming confidence that he will win the case in which he is facing charges of allegedly defrauding the State to the tune of GHC51.2million in the name of judgment debt.

In a press release/new year message captioned, ‘A note of appreciation’ widely publicized in most pro-NDC tabloids last week, Woyome strongly stated, “I believe that in the soonest possible time, I shall be vindicated.

“In as much as we cannot determine the pace at which the ongoing proceedings in court [relating to the Judgment Debt paid to my good self] shall proceed, the last couple of sittings have begun to reveal the truth about this whole affair,” he confidently said.

What is however not certain is what has given Mr. Woyome this new sense of optimism, believing he can win the case.

This is in view of the fact that he has personally admitted not having a binding contract with government, but yet went ahead to demand a default judgment for a supposed breach of a non existing contract, walking away with GHC51.2million.

However, analysts believe that the appointment as First Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Ebo Barton Odro, former deputy Attorney General, who virtually said the prosecution of Woyome was a wild goose chase because the State had no case in the judgment debt payment saga, might have bolstered his confidence level.

That, in addition to the non availability of witnesses to support Woyome’s prosecution, has given the National Democratic Congress (NDC) financier the hope of escaping the long arm of the law.

Woyome openly admitted, “Indeed, the past year, 2012, has been a most difficult year for me, for my businesses, and for the thousands of Ghanaians who are dependent upon my industry for their livelihood.”

Seeks God’s Face

But the onetime financier of the ruling NDC, who threatened to expose government officials who had remote or direct connection to the case, said, “I know that, in the final analysis, that which my enemies and detractors meant for evil shall work out for our good and we shall have cause to celebrate a wonderful victory, by the power of God.”
He therefore urged all his supporters and well-wishers to remain steadfast, stressing his belief in the rule of law and the fairness of the almighty God.

Optimistic about the opportunities the year 2013 is set to present him and humankind, Mr Woyome expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all who continue to support him throughout what he described as “the ordeal visited upon me by certain individuals, using some arms of the State’s security apparatus”, insisting that “what started in the last quarter of 2011 has been stretched beyond the boundaries of reason”.

For the mercies of God, he said, “I, my household and all the afore-mentioned dependants [both direct and indirect] have not been consumed.”

He noted, “I, therefore, render thanks, first, to the Almighty God whose I am and whom I serve, for his care and consummate benevolence to me” whilst expressing profound gratitude to all the religious leaders who continue praying with him and assuring him of God’s vindication in due season.

“I appreciate the love shown by several traditional rulers from all over the country. Several Ghanaians from all walks of life, from all tribes, from every creed and from diverse political persuasions have consistently shown their concern for the obvious cruelty being meted out to me: to all of you, I say a big ‘thank you”, he stated while signing off.

Woyome has been upbeat about winning the controversial case since the NDC was declared winners in the 2012 general elections.

He has even publicly stated his opinion on who should serve in the government of President Mahama and who should be shown the exit.

He was recently given a red carpet treatment when President Mahama delivered the State of the Nation address.

Source: DailyGuide


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