Woyome To Be Cross Examined In Court Today By AG


Business Man, Alfred Agbesi Woyome who was illegally paid Gh51m as judgement debt is set to be cross examined in court today.
A court ruling in 2014, ordered Mr Woyome to pay back the money and it’s been a Herculean task with excuses from Mr Woyome causing a delay and a lackadaisical attitude towards paying back the money.

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Martin Amidu Has Officially Ditch Interest In Examining Woyome In Court


  Attah Mills fired Attorney General, Martin Amidu who later gain the accolade as Citizen Vigilante for intensively pursuing Business Man Alfred Agbesi Woyome to refund the infamous $51m judgement debt has written to the Supreme to withdraw his suit further continue the case. READ ALSO: Minority Boycott Otiko Djaba’s Approval  As Gender, Children and … Read more

VIDEO: Woyome Says the Supreme Court "Erred Bitterly" in the Montie 3 Case So the President is Mandated to Step in With A Pardon


Alfred Woyome
Alfred Woyome

Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome of the infamous judgement debt scandal has added his voice to the Montie Fm’s three saga—saying, the procedure the Supreme Court used to convict and sentence the three was “wrong”.
Speaking to TV Gold, Woyome said the 1992 constitution of Ghana is a perfect instrument and it takes care of the fact that “if there was judicial tyranny or mistake, the President could use his powers under Article 72″ to straighten things.
His argument is that, this is exactly what has happened—the judges “erred bitterly” and therefore the President Mahama must step in to make this right, as demanded by the constitution.

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Woyome To Repay Ghc51m Back To The State By The End Of This Year

Alfred Woyome
Alfred Woyome

I am quite surprised by this amidst all the legal gymnastics, but it seems our coffers are set to receive a significant boost latest by end of this year.

This is according to a report on Graphic’s website, which states that Woyome’s lawyer has given this assurance to the state’s lawyers.

First the Supreme Court ordered Woyome to pay the money back to the state, and then a High Court acquitted and discharged the businessman of the criminal charges the state brought against him.

The AG has made her intention to pursue and appeal clear, whilst in the interim the Supreme Court has given the all clear for repayment to begin. It was at such a scheduled meeting today that this news was announced.

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Woyome Says The Attorney-General Benefitted From Judgement Debt Cash And Should Resign

Alfred Agbesi Woyome has been on the lips of every Ghanaian; after an Accra High Court acquitted the bussinessman of charges in the judgement debt case related to causing financial loss to the state. This was a development which I’m sure most Ghanaians weren’t pleased about, but it’s not actually surprising considering Woyome’s known political … Read more

Ghanaian Rapper-Edem Supports Woyome’s Free Verdict | Says People Throwing Stones At Woyome Should F**K Off + MORE

We don’t really like to throw in the tribal card but when a rapper makes such an absurd statement on social media and we struggle to put together where the support is coming from—we have no option than to put out that the only thing Edem and Woyome have in common is TRIBE. Businessman and … Read more

Alfred Woyome to Pay Back 51.2m Ghc Jugdement Debt | On Orders of the Supreme Court

Alfred Woyome
Alfred Woyome

Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome has been ordered by the Supreme Court to refund the Ghc 51.2m that was paid to him by the state, the infamous Judgement Debt saga.

The court, in a unanimous decision, overturned the verdict of the High Court that awarded Woyome those damages due to a contract he had signed with the government which he claimed had been reneged upon.

The court ruled those contracts, upon which the original judgement were made, as invalid and unconstitutional.

It said the contracts upon which he won his case, “was in contravention to Article 181(5) of the 1992 constitution”. The clause in question, requires Parliamentary approvals of such deals before they are declared as constitutional and consequently, legally binding.

The ruling was a result of self-styled citizen vigilante and former Attorney General, Martin Amidu taking the case to court after claiming the damages awarded to Woyome were illegal.

Earlier this year, Mr Amidu had won similar judgements over Isofoton and Waterville, the two companies at the crux of the long running affair.

Woyome had won his judgement in 2010, but the case had always been one filled with irregularities.

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POLITRICKS OF THE DAY: Woyome Does Not Care What You Think, He Bluffs That He Will Win Case

WoyomeBusinessman and self-acclaimed financial engineer, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, is brimming with overwhelming confidence that he will win the case in which he is facing charges of allegedly defrauding the State to the tune of GHC51.2million in the name of judgment debt.

In a press release/new year message captioned, ‘A note of appreciation’ widely publicized in most pro-NDC tabloids last week, Woyome strongly stated, “I believe that in the soonest possible time, I shall be vindicated.

“In as much as we cannot determine the pace at which the ongoing proceedings in court [relating to the Judgment Debt paid to my good self] shall proceed, the last couple of sittings have begun to reveal the truth about this whole affair,” he confidently said.

What is however not certain is what has given Mr. Woyome this new sense of optimism, believing he can win the case.

This is in view of the fact that he has personally admitted not having a binding contract with government, but yet went ahead to demand a default judgment for a supposed breach of a non existing contract, walking away with GHC51.2million.

However, analysts believe that the appointment as First Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Ebo Barton Odro, former deputy Attorney General, who virtually said the prosecution of Woyome was a wild goose chase because the State had no case in the judgment debt payment saga, might have bolstered his confidence level.

That, in addition to the non availability of witnesses to support Woyome’s prosecution, has given the National Democratic Congress (NDC) financier the hope of escaping the long arm of the law.

Woyome openly admitted, “Indeed, the past year, 2012, has been a most difficult year for me, for my businesses, and for the thousands of Ghanaians who are dependent upon my industry for their livelihood.”

Seeks God’s Face

But the onetime financier of the ruling NDC, who threatened to expose government officials who had remote or direct connection to the case, said, “I know that, in the final analysis, that which my enemies and detractors meant for evil shall work out for our good and we shall have cause to celebrate a wonderful victory, by the power of God.”
He therefore urged all his supporters and well-wishers to remain steadfast, stressing his belief in the rule of law and the fairness of the almighty God.

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