Chris Brown Says He Hates Limos, Yet He Was In A Limousines With Rihanna Just Last Month For Her Birthday In Hawaii…Taking The Piss

Chris Brown2

According to Chris Brown’s people who are currently with him in Ghana, Chris is not keen on limousines and as such, they had to turn away a limo that was provided to pick them from the Kotoka International Airport…REALLY?

Meanwhile, just last month in Hawaii, Chris Brown partied with his girlfriend in a Limo on her birthday, GhanaCelebrities.Com has uncovered. Now that he is in Ghana, he’s rejected the limo provided to pick him up from the airport with his people saying ‘it as a ride for ‘prom’.

What do we call this?

Chris Brown Parties With Rihanna In A Limo
Chris Brown Parties With Rihanna In A Limo


Photos of Chris Brown in Ghana1

Photos of Chris Brown in Ghana

Photos of Chris Brown in Ghana2


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17 thoughts on “Chris Brown Says He Hates Limos, Yet He Was In A Limousines With Rihanna Just Last Month For Her Birthday In Hawaii…Taking The Piss”

  1. I am so sad to read this. These American entertainers and performers disrespect Africans both outside and on our own soil and we still coddle them and kiss their asses!!! Our money is good enough for them to waste their 2 seconds of their precious time on us but not enough to respect us…. I am so sad! Sadly he is of african descent too and i am sure he would scream racism if he was disrespected by a white person in the US. Blacks hating on their fellow blacks is much sadder than a person of a different race doing it to us! Yeah he may not be African ,it might be argued but some negro on some slave ship was his ancestor i will bet! So sad! Are there no well established celebrities and musicians in our continent who we can pay and bring to perform at our functions?? I

  2. Such effrontery! Not his own doing! We cosset this abusive asshole of a man , why wont he disrespect our time,money and our president! Nkwasiasem. He should have been given the true Ghana experience,a ride in the troski!!! Prom my ass! mtseew

    • @Q,That said i just love the Limo driver’s uniform! He looks so ready deliver such world class and quality service :).  Dude doesn’t know the royalty he is missing out on by his arrogant refusal to ride with this nicely,dressed and polite looking chauffeur 

  3. to be honest.. my problem isnt the $1 million
    my problem is who they are spending tthe money on
    if it was foreign artistes they were looking for they could have gotten someone like Beyonce who is more popular and a phenomenal performer

    secondly, i dont know why people are pissed about the money, its all about profit, they are selling out a stadium (not sure how much tickets cost) but if they are priced properly it is very easy for RLG to not only make their money back but make a profit on it as well for their future businesses

    lets be honest, Ghanaians like all things foreign (which is bad by the way) how will they be able to sell out a stadium at the same price range with a Ghanaian artiste

  4. Maybe they should have picked him up with a public transportation(trotro) since he doesnt appreciate the limo.Pride + money =disrespectful.

  5. I see nothing wrong with him refusing a limo… Since it was Rihanna’s birthday he probably wanted to make it special because of his girlfriend and so that is why it is different. Other than that, I’ve never seen Chris Brown travel in a limo, he’s always in these fancy cars. You went over board with that slave ship comment. smdh.

    • @Helen,So he should have been picked up in a Lamborghini? he is a guest even though he was paid buckets of money,he could also have made an exception to his rule and rode in the blasted limo.I wish they picked him up with Trotro! arrogance and pride! He is just an abusive jerk who is lucky to have the voice to sing!

  6. Someone should show this little boy THE DOOR OF NO RETURN… d next time he wanna come to Africa and disrespect the Motherland. kwasiaaaaaaaaaaaaas3m….. me i wont waste my one penny kraa on this BS


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