Celebrity TwitPics & Instagram Photos Of The Week…Eazzy, Becca. Joselyn Dumas, Yvonne Nelson & Others

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The celebrities continue to bombard their fans with photos across the various social media platforms…As usual, we bring you our favourite celebrity twitpics and instagram photos of the week…

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

All play aside, look at Yvonne Nelson’s feet and tell me she comes up as healthy…I just can’t seem to come to terms with why someone who looked healthy few years back can be doing this to her self…

How much is she even being paid to do this to her own self?

Joselyn Dumas1
Joselyn Dumas

The mother of one, Joselyn Dumas continues to flaunt her curves…We’ve seen a lot of Joselyn Dumas on our TVs over the last two years, courtesy Adams Apples. Her glamorous appearance can not be missed and has always been the talk of the town whenever she appears in a publication or production…

But as an actress, we are not sure where people place her—when it comes to talent. Little or no debate/talk exist online and offline about her skills/talent as an actress. Is it a case of her curves overshadowing her talent or is it that there isn’t any extraordinary talent out there which demands any special attention?

She seems to be missing when people talk about talented Ghanaian actress, but when it comes to curves, her name pops up!

Juliet Ibrahim1
Juliet Ibrahim

Either we like or not, Juliet Ibrahim has over the last few months been in our faces. From various magazine covers to producing her first movie, she has kept herself relevant in the media…

Over the weekend, she was honoured at the Trendy Africa Mother’s Day event organized in Dallas, USA for her contribution and dedication to Community Service.



Funny Face1
Funny Face
Funny Face2
Funny Face

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