The Frustration, Desperation & Brokenness Of Praye : The Group BEGS To Perform In Clubs!

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Praye Performs in London Club To A Tiny Crowd
Praye Performs in London Club To A Tiny Crowd

With no investments and still driving a hire purchase car from Unique Trust, the ‘Angelina’ hit makers of the musical group-Praye have found themselves in a pool of brokenness, desperation and frustration, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt.

Since no Ghanaian musician makes real money from CD sales and mostly depend on performances at events/concerts for their survival, the non-forthcoming of a hit song to secure a concert for Praye over the years have plunged them into living on coins…

We are told had it not been the GoTV deal they recently secured, the two members of the musical group-Eugene Baah (Praye Honeho) and Steven Fiawoo (Praye Tietia) would have found themselves begging for money to obtain some basic life ingredients.

Things got so hard to the extent that payments for their car they took on hire purchase from Unique Trust could not be afforded—-a close source tells GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Talking about begging, another close source in London told us this morning that “the Praye Group has been suffering financially for sometime now. The fact that they’ve not been able to release any hit song over the years means they are not being called to perform at shows—-the main source of income for most Ghanaian artistes”.

The London source continued “The guys seem to have wasted the money they got during their hit days. They cannot even afford to buy a common car outright and had to get a car on hire purchase from Unique Trust. When they came to London in May, 2013, they were literally begging that we find them a show to perform”.

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Eugene Baah (Praye Honeho) clearly stated that “just find us any show in the clubs and even if they charge £2, we are ready to perform out there since we are really suffering…Things are more than hard for us”, our source claims.

We cannot disagree with our source in London since Praye were spotted hanging around several unpopular clubs and joints in May, 2013, where they staged unattended gigs.

The two musicians performed at LA Face and other African night clubs in London with a tiny crowd.

So a whole musical group-Praye known for hit songs like ‘Shordy’ travels from Ghana to London to beg and perform at these tiny joints?

Indeed, things are hard for the guys and no wonder their frustration is at its PEAK.  If the hit isn’t coming through and mouths must be fed, we hear ZoomLion is always recruiting…

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  2. Hahahahaha its a big shame oooo brokers!! get a life wai..especially that praye honeho has no manners he is so rude..its a big shame….

  3. Oo Gh. Broke ass niggas parading themselves as celebrities. Sm times I just laugh. Am sure if I appear in just tv commercial mpo a I will be called a celebrity in Ghana. Being popular in gh is nt worth it. U dnt get any big money yet u re expected to live like a rich person. Sm of these so called celebrities 4get that being popular doesn’t last 4 ever n worse is dat most of them don’t ve the talent to sustain them 4 a long tyme. It is only in Gh u see musicians do no other job than to sing.I personally knw of another group wher all the group members re broke ass niggas n so they live on sucessful women. Wise up Gh so called celebrities.fame doesn’t last forever

  4. cant even write a professional article without being biased or putting in a snide comment? really? we have a looong way to go. we are not there yet at all.

  5. not too long ago that “skirt dropper” akwasiaaa aboagye called praye honeho on phone for an interview. he simply told him to play their latest singles and stop parading rumors about praye tietia and selly and hung up the phone. i saw this coming. you this chris guy, you meet this womanizer for the first time then you start thrashing praye. do you own a club? did they come to beg you to perform at your club? smh