How Come There Are More Churches Than Schools & Hospitals In My Little Town In Ghana?

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A Ghana supporter arrives at Gold Coast bar-restaurant in Brixton, south London.

I am not sure about the last time you visited where you originally come from in Ghana—be it a small town or a village. But an overdue trip I took to my town in the Brong Ahafo Region after having been absent for nearly a decade got me thinking…

It is a common global tenet that education is the key to living a meaningful, successful and non-oppressed life. Coupled with good health facilities, mankind will be able to pursuit happiness and engage in national development.

The importance of education cannot be highlighted enough in this piece—without education, we open ourselves to all sort of societal backlash and economic disasters.

I was pretty excited when I approached my town which was under heavy developmental attack—I saw a neatly built hotel, a gas station and several gigantic billboards on entering the town.

As I got closer, I realized all the gigantic billboards were for churches. At that point, it did not strike me to think beyond that. I was hoping to see similar billboards for other important amenities such as hospitals, schools and even youth or adult clubs.

Since nothing of such nature caught my attention, I descended into a false assumption that signs to these things may be at the other side of the town. Concluding that, indeed things have changed out here for the better…

When I got home and managed to greet all the folks I had not seen for ages, I brought up my observation for discussion. I asked my cousin what are the new schools in town or close to us.

Shockingly, she mentioned that no new school had been established in the area, adding that; the town has been blessed with 3 new Primary and Junior High schools with only one Senior High School.

Since I could hear people singing praises from where we sat, I asked; is there a church behind us? She quickly answered; yeah, they’ve started their usual Friday all-night service.

I was pulled into a pool of shock when I learned that over 8 churches have been built just at our area and total of over 35 churches currently exist in the small town which has just 1 hospital, a non-working clinic and less than 7 schools.

I’ve lived in the United States for years and have travelled to several countries in Europe. What I’ve realized is; all of these developed countries place huge importance on education and healthcare. How can we have more churches than schools and hospitals combined in any community seeking for real development?

I hope I am not the only thinks this should not be the case. We need hospitals/clinics nearby so we can reach them. And can’t equate the value of education to any of the salvation these churches will offer us—while we are on this earth.

How many churches are in your town and how many schools and hospitals are not there? Do the arithmetic


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  1. that is the problem we are facing oh. .more churches than schools ,hospitals and other needed facilities..the government must build those…h mmmm

  2. The reason there are more churches in most towns than school and health care is simple. The people go the church for healing hence no hospital needed at all . they also have got more issues going on in their lives only God can solve instead of education hence no school needed. That is Ghana for you . Full of crazy people without any foresight. God bless us though

  3. Religious superstition and ignorance is going to kill us Ghanaians and Africans all over the planet. The story of the Christ is about all of us and how we should celebrate our own resurrection just us he did, which is consciousness(knowledge of self). The cruelest thing slavery and colonialism did to us Africans was that they made us forget who we were before foreign contact. We must go back and find the answer in order to move forward (SANKOFA). God lives in all of and not in one man alone(pastor, bishop or any reverend alone). Doesn’t it not say in the Gospel of Luke?? What has happened to our African minds?? Who is going to tell the African that anything brought from the outside by the European wasn’t mean’t to do us any good but facilitate European domination of the world?? We were so naive when we accepted their interpretation of something we had all along and one thing we need to consider is that there is no European religious answer to African problems. Either we find a solution and must find one and if we don’t find a solution then we go back into slavery. We must also remember that we built great nations, communities and over half of human civilisation was over before we knew there was a European in the world. People we got it all what we must do now is to wake up our African minds and things will begin to fall into the appropriate places for us. Also in the book of ourselves “bible” we should remind ourselves by Mathew 6:5-6.

  4. @Kobe, Oh so you are a Christian? and you are talking in this manner? What right do you have to call someone a fool? I pity you and your counterpart. These pastors are fornicating recklessly with innocent women in these villages and brainwashing them into thinking that some old relative is behind their misfortunes when these business women don’t have the slightest idea what “Customer relations” is. So their rude attitude towards customers and lack of savings cause their businesses to fail and their pastors blame it on their relatives. they need education to be able to sustain their businesses and they need good health care advice to live healthy lives instead of eating all the junk foods and carbohydrates only that shortens their lives. Yes, education and good health care systems are very important. And go back to scriptures and really check your language if you want your religion to be attractive to others, because even an idol worshiper thinks twice before opening his mouth!

    1. @bella,…nah bella i pity instead…and ur d biggest fool..wt evidence do av abt pastor fornicating and stuff…thats sme lame,immature and senseless talk…and tell u wt….GC is fond of writing shit…yh and i mean SHIT..abt churches and christianity…is abt time we christians stand up against this unproductive talks…tis is meant to be abt celebrity tlk site…leave christianity out of it…agents of satan…darkness can’t stand light JESUS devil uses pple like u BELLA to fight the church of CHRIST….give ur life to christ and be save

      1. @kobe, what the heck !!!! Can’t you express your opinion without the use of vile ? Considering you a for Christianity here!!!! Foolish person