If Kumawood Was That BAD, How Come The Top English Movie Stars Are Rushing In There? Watch A Clip of Majid Michel and Lil Win In The Movie-Could This be Love?

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Majid Michel and Lil Win

There has always been a huge divide between the Ghanaian local language and English Movie industry although the local side also produces and revere their stars just as much.

More recently, people like David Dontoh and Ekow Smith have come out to condemn various aspect of the Twi movie industry and even attributed some of the failures of the Ghanaian industry to the unprofessionalism of the Twi sector.

In a rebuttal, Cross-over queen of Twi movies Nana Ama McBrown lashed out at all the negative comments along with other Twi stars.

Amidst the Brouhaha of all this, others have been hard at work bridging the gap and taking advantage of both worlds. LoL! These are the business ones.

Last year Van Vicker made a solid movie move with Agya Koo in ‘Johnie Waka’. A Twi and English comedy which earned him best actor at the movie awards.

Screen champion and AMAA best African actor 2012 Majid Michel has followed suit with the Twi movie star of the moment, Lil Win.

The movie is titled ‘Could this be Love’ and is scheduled to hit the screens in a few months.

What do we expect with a terrific combination of both worlds? Satisfaction of fans of sides, a hit and good returns to both.

People like me believe this is what the stars of both worlds should be doing instead of fighting battles that get us nowhere. Live and let live because both industries are here to stay and both serve their due purposes.

Nana Ama McBrown also stars along Majid and Lil Win in this anticipated funny thriller.

It is directed by Eddie Nartey who is also hoping to score with this as his first personally directed movie.

Watch the hilarious short clip below.