The Wonders of Technology…Soon We Will Have A Real ‘Pomegranate’ Phone

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Who would have thought that a single device, small enough to fit into your hands can function as a means of communication (calls, texts, emails, chats, etc), a video projector (for those important business presentations), a translator (there’s no need to spend years in school studying so many languages anymore), a coffee maker (Yes, I said it!), a shaving device and a musical instrument? Shocked?! Look no further than at the “Pomegranate phone”.

I was dumfounded when I stumbled on information on the tiny device that can perform these huge functions that takes several other not-so-dainty devices to carry out efficiently. I figured out that the name ‘Pomegranate’ (which I think lacks originality and can be quite the tongue twister) is meant to contradict Apple products and its is packed with all these functions because it is meant to introduce us to another level of technology that we are yet to dream about. Well, my phone making me coffee is definitely another level! It’s hard enough with the coffee maker or (for the old fashioned) the kettle and stove.

Many believe that this device is nothing but a mobile phone hoax as some of its features are very unrealistic and that it is just an advertising campaign from Communications Nova Scotia’s ‘Come to Life’ initiative, the place branding program of the Government of Nova Scotia. I can’t help but think however that perhaps there could be some little bit of truth to it. It may have started out as a prank but could it be that some time, probably seventy, eighty years from now we would have devices like these in the system?

Think about it. If anyone had told your great grandmother that it would be possible to call someone in a foreign country, thousands of miles away from her little village, she would probably have labeled them a witch and had them stoned? Who would have thought that with the existence of the phenomenon ‘gravity’, it would be possible for heavy pounds of metal (aircrafts, helicopters) to fly through the skies with human life? Who would have ever imagined that a device could change the temperature in any room from hot to cold (and vice versa) in a matter of minutes?

There are a lot of luxuries we enjoy today (with the help of little devices and machines that we don’t even consider strange anymore) that people many generations back would have condemned, criticized, laughed and tagged ‘impossible’ but I say, it’s all a matter of time.

I still think it is absurd for a phone to magically produce coffee in a mug but don’t be surprised if many years from now, when you are old and grey (and your bones and joints have given in), some young genius (yet to be born) picks up this idea and makes it work! I definitely hope I live to see that day.

Technology is wonderful…

If you never saw the ‘Pomegranate’ Phone ad when it came out some years back, check it out below…



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