John Mensah Is Back Unto The Market, Court Grants Divorce!

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John Mensah and Wife

After having been a given a wife by his pastor, John Mensah could not stick to the popular vow ‘till death do us apart’.

Late last year, John Mensah’s now divorced wife- Henrietta filed for divorce, citing infidelity alongside John Mensah having neglected his fatherly responsibilities by leaving the total upkeep of their children to her alone as reasons.

Today, an Accra High Court has finally granted the couple a divorce, terminating their over a 10 years of marriage.

During the divorce proceeding, a GhanaCelebrities.Com staff writer noted in an article, that the fact that John Mensah did not go through the usual courtship and had his marriage arranged for him by his pastor in this 21st century shows there was some sort of missing link. The write asked; Arranged marriage in the 21st century? What happened to friendship, dating and courtship?

She continued “For me, I doubted from that day if there was any real relationship between the two. I found it unbelievable, that John with all his escapades around the world and all over Ghana could not find someone to settle down with and had to resort to a choice made by his pastor, to a woman he knew nothing about.

A lot of people may not consider these little things but they really contribute to the success of marriages to a huge extent. Friendship, dating and courtship are avenues people get to really know each other and build a strong foundation so that the two parties involved would be able to stand each other at least when shortcomings and misunderstandings spring up their ugly heads.

Arranged marriages should really be a thing of the past and please to the ladies out there, money does not always equate happiness. Marry for love, companionship, and with the hope that if the other party is stripped off his money, charm and name, your love will be enough to sustain the relationship”


John Mensah Wife-Henrietta Mensah

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