Let’s Settle the Debate Once & For All: And The Best Ghanaian Movie Director Is?

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Shirley Frimpong Manso in London (8)
Shirley Frimpong Manso

Based on which Director’s movie is trending, the person mostly wins the known movie awards and if you are a sceptic like me, you will definitely not even believe the genuineness of many of these awards that get handed out…

Last year’s Ghana Movie Awards also failed to give us any strong indication as to who is leading the game—awarding two of the Directors below with their Best Director award.

Let’s forget the technical language if we do not understand them and invoke our individual honesty by voting for who we think is the Best Ghanaian Movie Director—-based on the many Ghanaian movies we’ve seen.

*By Ghanaian Movie Director, the person must have been working in the Ghanaian Movie industry, no necessary a Ghanaian by citizenship*

Vote Below Now and let’s settle the debate once and for all…



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  1. How the heck did Socrate Sarfo’s name get in here? This guy is just a p*orn director and nothing else. I will be shocked even if he gets 2 votes lol

  2. Chris this is very silly. Your voters will be voting for favourite director not who actually knows anything about movie directing. u are only trying to score marks for Shirley who is not a good filmmaker.  Hollywood studios are releasing Leila Djansi’s films. If Shirley is that good, I am sure hollywood would be coming for her too. 

  3. anyone who defends Leila Djansi is accused of being Leila Djansi. you think she does not have supporters too? she has family, friends, neighbours and fans. if anyone is bitter here is it you.  Your tried so hard to bring her down, but everyday she does bigger and better and you just dey die. leave that girl alone. you can praise who ever you want to praise, no wahala but stop using your bitter hearts to create confusion. 
     the level Leila is, she has no reason to be bitter. bitter ke, ezeogu woman is paying hollywood stars. and you guys are bitter and jealous. agaracha mus come back. 

    1. So why couldn’t you just vote like everyone of us voting without saying someone is bitter or wants her down? Oh aba, it is because Shirley is leading? Come on, what will Frank Rajah do then?

  4. we all know Chris only started this to score point for shirley. stop pretending. shirley is leading, if that makes you feel better then chineke thanks sah. now let us see her works on international stages. bye bye.

  5. nne, we have heard. Shirley is leading. we know Chris created this vote for her. she is leading. chineke thanks sah. now let us see her works on international stage.