The Sort of CRAP Women Can Get Men Into…

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I am sorry I lied


If your woman will not forgive you for lying, then you must consider going the way of the above poor man from Manchester who had to stand in the city centre junction wearing a sandwich board with the words, ‘I’m so sorry I lied’.

He surely must be sorry for not just the lie but for the self humiliation too. His photo was taken by someone from her office, and today it is all over the internet.

Whatever lied he told, it didn’t have to go down this way but then again, if you are desperate you will do anything to keep your woman.

If you don’t want to do this sort of crap, better not lie to us…Anyway, I hope he was forgiven and if for nothing at all, for how hard he tried.

Check below for another photo…

I am sorry I lied2