‘Double Cross’ Featuring Ama K Abebrse, John Dumelo, Adjetey Anang & Others to Be Premiered in London On Friday-31 October | It’s A Must WATCH

Doube Cross-Ama K Abebrese
Doube Cross

Surely, a movie featuring African Movie Academy Awards’ Best Actress-Ama K. Abebrese, talented actors-John Dumelo and Adjetey Anang wouldn’t need multiple endorsements before you realize it is going to stand tall amongst the best African movies ever seen…

On Friday-31st October, 2014 in London at the Greenwich Odeon Cinema (8pm), African movie lovers will have the opportunity to see the above named actors and several other talented actors take up the challenge in Double Cross—as they tell the story of a streetwise programmer whose life turns upside down at a red carpet premiere to be attended by the stars.

For the start, we get to see something totally different and yet interesting as we break away from the usual African movie stories mostly dominated by witchcraft and unrealistic romance—therefore you cannot miss this premiere.

Double Cross does not only push the storyline frontier higher, it also brings together some of the best actors we have in Africa to play central roles in telling the story—making it a movie worth a watch.

In Double Cross “Effie Howard (Ama K. Abebrese) a streetwise programmer’s life is dramatically turned upside down when her fiancé Ben Boateng (Adjetey Anang) is convicted and sentenced for a bank robbery he did not commit. Determined to prove his innocence; she carried out her own investigation and finds the actual robber; Danny Frimpong (John Dumelo) a calm and collected sophisticated genius of a thief who has a personal vendetta against the bank he robbed Neptune Bank International. He robbed the bank using urbane technology which enabled him to enter, steal and exit the bank leaving everyone mystified as to how the theft was carried out, no witnesses, no evidence, yet the money is gone.

John Dumelo in Double Cross
John Dumelo in Double Cross

She meets Danny and threatens him but later offers him a deal; and it’s to rob the bank again with similar methods as the first so the authorities know the actual robber is still out there, then Danny will not lose what matters to him most and the reason for the bank robbery. She plans to relocate with the stolen money and start a new life with Ben when he is acquitted so as to get away from the stigma attached to ex-convicts and their families. They are successful in the robbing the bank, Effie now sets her sights on a jewellery warehouse and she wants Danny to rob it.

With a lot of jewellery and money at stake, each one of them tries to outwit each other with medleys of smart thinking as they plan and execute the robberies. They meticulously plan the robberies, but no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare them for the dangerous enemy, an enemy Effie least expected and never saw coming; an unexpected turn of events on the day of the robbery, what happened”


Ama K Abebrese and John Dumelo in Double Cross
Ama K Abebrese and John Dumelo in Double Cross


The movie is directed by Pascal Aka and produced by D. R. Kuffuor and Ama K Abebrese. Also starring in the movie are Jasmine Baroudi, Paulina Oduro and Samuel Odoi Mensah.

And there is an AfterParty on the Boat where you will get to meet and mingle with the stars—a perfect start for the weekend.

Tickets for the premiere are going for £15 (standard) £20 (VIP) and £40 (for VIP & After Party entry). You can also buy just an AfterParty ticket for £20.

You can purchase tickets at; Bongo Bar in North London, Kenkey House (Viva Afrik) in East London, Kumasi Market in South London and Kotoko Mini Market in West London or online via http://www.double-crossmovie.com/tickets

For more info; call 079848559999 or visit http://www.double-crossmovie.com

The premiere will be hosted by the one and only DJ Abrante

Check out the trailer of the movie below…


Premiere Info

Date: Friday-31st October 2014

Venue: Odeon Cinema, Greenwich, Bugsby Way, London SE10 0QJ

Time: 8pm

After Party on the Boat: TEREZA JOANNE BOAT DOCKLANDS, Kings George Dock, Woolwich Manor Way, London E16 2QY

Ama K Abebrese and John Dumelo in Double Cross
Ama K Abebrese and John Dumelo in Double Cross


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