Ghanaian Lady Who Tried to Smuggle 12 Kilos of Cocaine into London Has Been on Wanted List Since 2009 in Ghana & Yet She Was Everywhere in Ghana Without Any Arrest?

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah
Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

Apparently, the Ghanaian lady-Nayele Ametefeh who was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport with 12kilos of cocaine has been on the wanted list of Ghana’s NACOB since 2009.

StarrFmOnline.Com reports that “a former NACOB Commander at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport, Anthony Smith – who said he is very familiar with the lady involved in the trafficking saga – made the revelation on Joy FM’s newsfile programme Saturday in an interview with host Samson Lardy Anyenini.

Smith revealed that Ametefeh has several aliases which may have aided her to slip through the security net all this while until her arrest on November 9/10 by UK security authorities at Heathrow.”

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah
Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

The former NACOB Commander stated that, the drug trafficker-Nayele Ametefeh, alias Ruby Adu Gyamfi used the name ‘Ruby Appiah’, to traffic drugs years ago—which landed her on their wanted list.

And the question is; if this lady has been on NACOB’s wanted list since 2009—where has seen been hiding? She was roaming in Accra amongst some of the promiment Ghanaians and yet no from of NACOB could fish her out?

According to Anthony Smith, Nayele Ametefeh usually uses cleaners to beat the airport security to be able to transport her drugs onto flights and she “used that strategy to outwit security officials at the Airport in 2009 when she attempted smuggling about 5kgs of cocaine abroad with the help of a cleaner called Daniel Kabutey, who hid the narcotic substance in a trashcan, but was caught and jailed.”


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29 thoughts on “Ghanaian Lady Who Tried to Smuggle 12 Kilos of Cocaine into London Has Been on Wanted List Since 2009 in Ghana & Yet She Was Everywhere in Ghana Without Any Arrest?”

  1. Bull……… This is the same girl who took a picture with mahama on a jet ski a few years back……. My question is what’s her relationship with Ibrahim Mahama who issues her a diplomatic passport……..Plus NACOB claimed to have collaborated with British counterparts in busting the her. How come she wasn’t arrested in GH ?….corruption and insiders Job

    • Dr. Miyagi, the picture you are referring to where the two of them were standing by a jet ski was photoshopped. President Mahama doesn’t have any relationship with her. I know that much!!

        • Where there is smoke, there is fire! And this smoke is plenty. Of all the girls in Ghana, ruby was not popular then. Why would they use her for that photo shop? There is a God in this world my people and he will reveal the truth even if it takes 20 years. Ask Bill Cosby. These people will see their samia one day.

          • And dissolving NACOB so quickly is a bloody cover up. 2016 is coming so they are trying to close our eyes? Wait and see.

  2. But what did yall expect? She was effing the president and his brother at the same time who are also part of this drug operation. Why do you think all of a sudden, Mahama has dissolved the Nacob? This ndc admin. takes ghanaians for fools.

    • NACOB was dissolved because they were incompetent. President Mahama might not be perfect, and he can be anything in the world but a drug peddler. I know President Mahama personally. He is a very good man but unfortunately politics has dented his image.

      • Are you trying to convince me that mahama is a good man and not a drug peddler? I dont care if you know him personally, go and talk that ish to someone else, if you know people,i know people too.

        • Stop the rudeness, he replied you with respect not in this harsh manner. Why am i even wasting my time? A notorious Kumasiano who only comes in here to brag of her Rn and east legon crib. What a village thang, are you kidding me? Learn to be polished and stop this menim menim talks.

          • Aww you sound very frustrated, envious and sad, you’re a foolish boy, stop following my comments and get a life. Are you jealous that my folks live at west legon and we know people? We are a very hardworking PROUD ASHANTIs and i thank God, i come from that ASHANTI TRIBE, kwasia, now suck on that? Ad you talk about being polished,do you even know what that word means? Nkwasiafuor nkoaa, always talking nonsense on the internet, you must not have nothing to do but follow comments on here you dont like, GTFOH with your BS.

          • STFU you braggart!!, Ya br3 wo!! You make false accusations from the comfort of your home knowing nothing can happen to you. If you had the proof you will be peddling it to the british authorities for a resident permit. Can you provide the proof that president mahama was involved? Only idiots continue to peddle innuendoes as facts. Only one tribe has proven to be peddler of drugs in Ghana. And guess what? The woman is from that same tribe. You and your NPP lot thought she was ewe because of the name. That why you jumped up and down. Solely your twisted tale is unraveling. Be proud but be also proud that your tribe has continuously tarnished the image of Ghana through drugs and fake immigration deals. Have the decency and put a sock in it. I mean STFU.

          • Ewes???? Known in Ghana’s history as d worst thief’s of alll time . Remember Gbedema, Woyome? Ruby knew she had to have an ewe name to blend into that industry.

          • Why do u always show up when LA is around? fake girl with dozens of names. LA is about time you stop this your nonsence and use one name. Must you use this name to defend your self? What a waste of arse smh

          • STFU, you twerp, your damn foolish pronouncements and level of stupidity doesnt surprise me, you must be of them. As far as the tribe thing, i dont have time to argue with you about ewe this, ewe that, and your inferiority complex bullsh*t, cos if i do its going to take me the whole day.
            Now your john mahama and his damn incompetent kleptos are nothing but cocaine oligarchy vagabonds, i dont need to give a daft like you proof, the proof is already there for everybody to see. And i will also say this about your useless presi. may mahama and his band of thieves/cocaine peddlers with the cash looted from the state cash fire and result in huge explosions. Dont come back and ask me for proofs, take the Ashanti hatred shades from eyes and probably you might see whats going with your stewpid govt.
            Cocaine here, corruption there, dumsor everywhere, mahama missing.Stop running your mouth about things you dont know, and do me a favor, STFU once again

          • Guys come all this is not necessary, there is no need to insult each other or start another tribe war on here cheers

          • Well if they come at me cos of my comments, i will definitely hit them back also. I am entitled to my opinions, NOBODY dictates to me what i say, so talk to them

          • Can’t spell kleptocrat eh? Your kumasiano education not cutting it? Anyone that says ” cocaine oligarchy vagabonds” is not intelligent and must have had a cocoasi education. Abom na apem education. I hear your are an RN. How did you obtain this when you can’t spell kleptocrat? Did you buy it? Let me guess, you have gutter education where you use standard names but they don’t mean the same things. Well that’s all we need to know about you. An imbecile pretending to be anything but that. Look asshole, you are stupid if you believe in half the nonsense you wrote. Stringing adjectives together will not change the fact that you are a bottom feeder incapable of rational thinking. Now go find some rock and crawl under like the iguana that you are. PS I am a fante and “manassehatsu’ is not my real name. How pathetic are you to conclude that I am an ewe because of my handle. Going by your stupidity, would you have concluded that I was austrian if my handle was
            Mozart? How did you make it out of Ghana? Certainly it was not due to your intelligence. Who filled the immigration forms for you? Kuraseni. Now you STFU!!!

  3. hahahahahaha wow thank you. Is about time siano’s stfu on this blog. Their issues is always R and L. [email protected] can’t even pronounce a common tilapia. Underneath their tongue they would say talapia, yet they disrespect all the tribes in Ghana.


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