Weed Smoking in Ghana | the People & the Misconception

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The arguments that weed (cannabis) is not bad and has enormous health benefits is true—and I am yet to meet anyone who would bother to rebut this. Similarly, I know of a friend whose first attempt at the weed smoking ‘enterprise’ caused his education and even up to date, you can deduct from whatever conversation you hold with him that; the dude is not normal…

There are tons of long-term and short term negative effects associated with the smoking of weed; including, Suppression of the immune system Reduced resistance to common illnesses (colds, bronchitis, etc.), Growth disorders, Increase of abnormally structured cells in the body, Reduction of male sex hormones, Rapid destruction of lung fibers and lesions (injuries) to the brain could be permanent, Reduced sexual capacity, Study difficulties: reduced ability to learn and retain information, Apathy, drowsiness, lack of motivation, Personality and mood changes as well as Inability to understand things clearly.

For many countries in the world including Ghana, Cannabis remains a controlled substance (a narcotic drug) on their statute books for the above reasons—and the many other unmentioned reasons associated with the ‘international herb’.

The punishment for smoking, trafficking or possession of weed varies based on jurisdiction and even though many are calling for the up to 10years sentence in Ghana to be reduced or abolished, it’s worth noting that you can face the death penalty in some other countries when it comes to weed related offences.

Just last month, it emerged that Ghana ranks first as the country with most weed smokers in Africa—and third in the world. This is alarming to some of us and taking a walk to our beaches at night will confirm this; mostly smoked by those with little or no education or any sense of real purpose in life.

It’s imprudent for any right thinking Ghanaian to suggest that, weed should be uncontrolled in Ghana taking into consideration the many negative effects, our poor health systems and the illiteracy rate which contributes to substance abuse.

Perhaps, the punishment can be looked at in the face of the emerging debate but to call for a total removal of the crime status of ‘cultivating, smoking, possession and trafficking’ of weed is not the way to go.

Cannabis remains a controlled substance in majority of the countries in the world—including those with extensive liberal mindsets and good healthcare systems…

For those calling to make Ghana an open weed society like Holland, just do the right comparison and you would realize that certain things will never work in Ghana no matter the aspiration and argument.

I wouldn’t want to walk down a street in Accra clouded in a thick weed smoke being puffed out by some young men or women and definitely, majority of Ghanaians would not want this either.

For now, it’s a crime and until parliament repeals the existing laws, woe unto anyone who is caught in act…

GC Staff Yaa


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  1. This doesn’t change the fact that cannabis is legal in some jurisdictions, the reference made to death penalties as sanctions imposed for smoking marijuana is unfortunate and inaccurate, you failed to site just a single example of a country that punishes it’s citizens to the point of death for smoking a weed simply because it’s a banned substance, indeed if any such country exist on the surface of the earth, then I reckon they must be a very backward, retrogressive and benighted country , Alcohol engenders more hazardous health related problems and among them are : High blood pressure, stroke, and other heart-related diseases,
    Liver disease, Nerve damage ,Sexual problems ,Permanent damage to the brain,Vitamin B1 deficiency, which can lead to a disorder characterized by amnesia, apathy and disorientation ,Ulcers ,Gastritis (inflammation of stomach walls)
    Malnutrition ,Cancer of the mouth and throat but to mention a few, I have witnessed a few of my own friends die from the abuse of alcohol yet it is openly soled everywhere .. So the argument being pushed is weak and lacks merit. I really believe a stronger argument must be made if this topic must be debated further … the same way you reserves the right to promote homosexuality on this platform which you must bear in mind is also punishable by death in some countries, I think every initiated citizen equally reserves the right to argue in favor of anything that they deem fit….it is never true that marijuana leads to memory loss and dilutes ones ability to absorb data , I graduated with a second class upper having used weed for several years, many of my counterparts graduated with a lower second class or just ordinary passes and these are people who have never touched even a stick or cigarette before not to talk about weed …laws are made for human beings and not the other way round…. Obsolete laws must be reviewed to reflect current trends. There’s certainly no justification for throwing cannabis users into the penitentiary and feeding them with state money simply because they smoked a natural substance. Cheers