Best Hiplife Collaborations of All Time….

Reggie Rockstone
Reggie Rockstone

The Akans have a proverb which when translated means a single person is not the sole repository of wisdom. Over the years musicians have employed the mastery of collaboration to maximize productivity and augment their fan base.

Regardless of the collaborators status in the game, music collaboration helps the participants tap immense knowledge from each other and ultimately it becomes an enjoyable activity altogether.

Below is a list of hiplife songs that I strongly believe represent some of the best collaborations of all time. It is not the mere fact these songs were great hits but the immeasurable talents and creativity exhibited on the work that qualifies the under listed songs into “my hall of fame.”

Reggie Rockstone Ft KK Fosu (song-Ah)

Reggie had prior to this song done a lot of collaboration with mainstream artiste like Lord Lust, Mensa and Sydney just to mention a few,  but none of those songs catapulted him to widespread acceptance of his brand and a thorough endorsement as a true hiplife originator like this particular song did.

KK Fosu whom he featured rendered his input seamlessly, amidst thought provoking lines in conformity with the theme of the song. He verified why he was a toast of music lovers during that era.

Reggie also proved his brilliance with careful punch lines that sat well with his reputation. The duo capped the song with a good video directed by Abraham Ohene Dzan. The song won Ghana’s first Kora award.


King David Ft Batman (song-Aye Fe Nost3)

King David wasn’t a household name in the music industry until this song burst out and broke music protocol. Majority of Ghanaian songs are sung in Twi, the widely spoken language in Ghana.

However his gamble paid off when he decided to sing strictly in Ga, a language of a minority group along the coast of Accra. The song mirrored everyday happenings in life and instantly people, Ga and non Ga speakers easily related to the song. His lyrics were carefully selected to help convey his message with precision.

Of course the song could not have gained huge acceptance if not for Samini, then called Batman. Though Samini’s input wasn’t wow considering his repertoire, he cunningly succeeded in regularizing the song with a pattern not so different from King David’s concept. In the end the song became a street buzz, making lots of people request for a Twi version. King David met their expectation with replica masterpiece.


Tic Tac Ft Tony Tetuila (song-F3f3 N3 F3)

I stand to be corrected but I strongly believe this was the first collaboration between a hiplife artiste and a Nigerian artiste. This trend spearheaded by Tic Tac, has opened the floodgates for quality artistic creation between the two West African countries.

Tony Tetuila did so well to raise the profile of the song to the standard that both artistes expected. At that time Tic Tac prided himself as one of the sought after music acts and ‘f3f3 n3 f3’ helped consolidate that fact.


Sarkodie Ft Obrafuor (song-Saa Okodie No)

Sarkodie has on many occasions eulogized Obrafuor, saying among other things that he is the best rapper alive. Therefore when he had his breakthrough in the music industry he seized the moment to partner Obrafuor in his 2011 hit Saa Okodie No.

Obrafuor has over the years demonstrated how versatile he is, he brought it to bear on this song. Sarkodie equally proved why he is the current king of rap as he ‘spat real venom’ on this track.


Obrafuor Ft TH4Kwaagees (song-As3m S3b3)

Out of the list I have here, this song happens to be my favourite. Obrafuor has a very a good insight and he definitely had his reasons for featuring a relatively unpopular group like TH4Kwagees.

What a collaboration it turned out to be! Scooby Selah who was the forerunner of the group delivered above the par performance as though it was a competition between himself and Obrafuor. His fluent Fante verses blended perfectly with Hammer’s beat, the result of which echoes in the minds of music connoisseurs.




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