Mysterious Outbreak Kills 18 In Nigeria: World Health organisation Attributes It To Pesticides, But A Traditional Leader Says It Is The Wrath Of The gods


Over much of the last week an unidentified diseases has been ravaging the people of Ode-Orele in the Ondo State of Nigeria. The disease left its victims with blurred vision and headaches, unconsciousness, and then subsequently death- all within 24 hours.

It sparked fears of another viral outbreak, after Ebola hit Nigeria last year, albeit minimally. The swiftness of the infection made people start attributing all sorts of reasons for the outbreak.

Some tests were carried out, and according to the BBC, the current hypotheses is that herbicides were the cause of the outbreak. The tests, carried out by WHO, ruled out any bacterial or viral infection and that pesticide poisoning was the far more likely outcome.

Not surprisingly, the Chief Priest of the town has a different hypothesis. According to him, the youth of the town violated some traditional taboos by entering the inner room of the Molokun shrine, and that the gods struck them dead as punishment.

“Molokun is the deity of the land, only the Chief priest and High Chief are qualified to enter the shrine.

They (the youth) were not qualified to enter the room. They had to face the death penalty”

Apparently, the youth wanted to be rich at all costs, so they violated the custom by entering the room, carted away traditional items, and had to die as a result.

Also, some more rituals have to be carried out to cleanse the town, or more deaths would follow.

You can see he’s really serious with this, and funnily enough in this day and age people would actually buy this crap.

Sorry but I don’t think no deity stuck any one dead.


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