SEE PHOTOS Of Sarah Kwabla | The 22-Year-Old Student Who Claims to Be Pregnant For Asamoah Gyan & That He Raped Her Yet She Has Their S*E T*pe

Asamoah Gyan-Captain of Black Star
Asamoah Gyan-Captain of Black Star

Correction: Though it has been confirmed by Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer that the footballer hand consensual sex with a certain Sarah Kwabla, photos being circulated are not that of the Asmaoah’s Sarah—but a total different Sarah Kwabla. The similarity in name has lead to the media photo mix-up.

This is ridiculous and pretty lame—because, how was she able to secretly record a video of herself being raped?

Anyway, we have photos of Sarah Kwabla, the young woman who is seriously threatening to make public a secretly recorded video of a s*xual intercourse she had with Black Stars-Captain Asamoah Gyan if the footballer does not pay up.

And Asamoah Gyan is reported to have stated that, he indeed had a bangbang with the girl but it was just once.

The 22 year old claims she secretly recorded Gyan chopping her down in February—but that is not all, she is now pregnant and she is demanding that Asamoah Gyan should get her a neatly furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 for postnatal care.

We’ve been looking around for photos of Sarah Kwabla who is currently trending–and we found the below photos for you…

So this is Asamoah Gyan’s taste huh?

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14 thoughts on “SEE PHOTOS Of Sarah Kwabla | The 22-Year-Old Student Who Claims to Be Pregnant For Asamoah Gyan & That He Raped Her Yet She Has Their S*E T*pe”

  1. Asamoah Gyan paa, m3 di wo ho yaw’… wo sika bebrebe nyinaa akyi no wei na wo k) faa y3? w’ani so aboa awu paa….. wo y3 kurasinii.. makaa maka

  2. @johnvardis:disqus and please what is wrong with this lady. for the fact that she did not bleach, wear brazilian hair, or wear china clothes does not make her less of a woman. society is part of the reason these stars go in for “useless money spending bitches” instead of “humble virtuous” women.


    “Lnda, Barbara, Monica, Jessica, Pamela, SARAH, Gifty na Diana. monyinaa mo y3 ogboo. Ghana girls mo ho y3 f3…adid33d3 y3nfa nyi k3ch3….Baby Jet se saa na op3, Asamoah Gyan saa na op3.
    So now Bro. Asamoah we have seen SARAH O, Where are the rest…….lol

    • Yeah she’s an average chic with less artificial beauty. I wouldn’t call her bad looking too. I hate the fact that she’s disgracing her self in public why bring this to the media when she can easily threaten him. She needs to grab a seat before people throw insult at her.

    • Ah me nua baa Maadwoa, you hate to speak the truth, lets be honest, nti nka wo Braa ne Asamoah Gyan ne ne sika bebrebe wei nyinaa akyi na )de )baa wei ba fie s3 ne girlfriend a, nka wo b3 pene? twweeea, monkeys play by their sizes ooo. Apuuu, )baa b3n na Asamoah Gyan 33p3 w) Ghana a onnya? from celebrities to da hweeee… )y3 “crown” paa. makaa maka

      • John,
        Cut him some slack. The high class girls are vamps. Sucking your fame and fortune. Plus when you are in a rut, p*ssy is p*ssy. Even some of the most beautiful women in the world are not always fresh and bangable.
        So he chose the “bend down boutique” version. So what of it? He had a good time and was satisfied. And it may have just cost him a bottle of malt and some khebabs or on the high end, fufu and tilapia soup.
        Had he gone for any of the celebutantes and wannabes, it would have cost him more than money. His bedroom act will be leaked to GC plus additional demands for vacations, Gucci and cars etc will be made. So leave him be.
        Men put too much weight on having a girl of a certain status or look. But in reality the 30 minutes operation(doing the nasty) needn’t be with a good looking woman. I say kudos to Asamoah Gyan for being an equal opportunity f*cker and an egalitarian. No discrimination. All p*ssies are the equal and can please a man. The girl is ungrateful for making such a big deal out of this. Then again this Ghana. After watching the KKD incident, she decided to cash in. A Ghanaian groupie looking to score some living money without working for it.
        Asamoah Gyan, now you have to apologise to that lady who said if you don’t marry her she’ll kill herself.

  3. Come off it! He chose the quiet and less flashy girl. It costs less and he has the peace of mind. Sometimes it is better than having a trollope like HAJIA4REAL or the rest of the broke a$$ celebutantes milking your name and reputation just because you stuck your d*ck into their chasm. Look at how nobodies ride the coat-tails of successful men and pollute our society. WAGS, Khardasians, Real Housewives of (name your city) etc etc. These are ordinary women, whose only claim to fame was because they got f**ked by Rooney or Ronaldo. So I am with Asamoah Gyan on this. In a rut a kayayo’s pu**y is equally capable of j*rking a man off just like any of the cinderellas pussies prancing around. By going for a no name brand p**sy, he struck a blow for all men. You don’t need to spend and waste your money on Gucci, Versace, first class tickets, Sandra Ankobiah et al to have a good time in that department. As long as the owner of the cavity is willing and you are not forcing yourself on her, its a good thing. It is better than having your name and reputation milked by a so called high class women just because you slept with them once or twice.
    Asamoah Gyan is an equal opportunity f**ker. He doesn’t discriminate. Which is a good thing too. He can afford filet mignon but choses to eat koose and kooko made for the hired help. That’s noble of him.
    He’s my kind of a democrat. Doesn’t discriminate and gives the poor the opportunity to briefly taste the high life. That can’t be wrong in my books. He’s an egalitarian when it comes to the pussy. So should all men. Because sometimes the real deal is with the bottom percentile not the Gucci or Versace covered poseurs on top.
    For those guys looking for a thrill, try the zongo woman who sells the peanuts or the Ga girl at Osu who sells waakye or kenkey by the roadside. They’ll rock your world and some. And it may only cost you one bottle of malt.


  5. Lol.. Hon, I partially agree with you but here in a case where the low class who has been given the opportunity to taste some “Arab money” and some 15mins of celebrity “D**k” wants to Blackmail. Did something went wrong? I think to go in for a low class for her to later threaten you with a secret s*x tape which is notably the hallmark of these wanna bees, I guess it was prudent for him to go for the latter.

    • Yes sometimes the poor and low cost are ungrateful and will like to blackmail. And for that you hire a shark for a lawyer who will make sure any such attempts is thwarted and destroyed. In fact if I was advising asamoah Gyan I will tell him to do berserk on this girl. Spend money to destroy her completely so that the next b*tch that dreams of blackmailing him will think twice. He need better PR people. He should come out and give a press conference, admit he sleeps around and take the steam out of this innuendoes. Then go RAMBO on the bitches ass. Get his lawyers to file about 10 lawsuits against the girl, her family and her lawyers. Scorched earth baby! That’s how you protect yourself with these hyenas.


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