Sarah Kwabla’s Mother Lays Heavily Into Asamoah Gyan At Press Conference: Said He Is A Beast Who Raped Her Daughter

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

The battle rages on, showing no signs of grinding to a halt anytime soon. It looks like for every bullet Asamoah Gyan has to fire, this aggrieved family have three more to fire.

Sarah Kwabla, her mom, and her lawyer Maurice Ampaw held a press conference on Wednesday to address issues arising from the exoneration of Asamoah Gyan.

At the press conference, Ampaw made the point that the Gyan’s should come to settle their family, or his s*x tape would soon be flooding the Ghanaian airwaves. During her turn to speak at the same conference, Sarah Kwabla’s mom did not mince words in speaking about the Ghana captain.

“In my family, we are very, very worried because my daughter is a citizen of Ghana, and me too I am same. The whole issue is worrying because my daughter was raped. I’m sorry to say this.

“The guy Asamoah Gyan is a beast. I’m sorry, very sorry. This is very painful because the guy did this and they brought my daughter out that she is an extortionist, blackmailer, gold digger, opportunist. My God!” she exclaimed.

The mother, who looked quite distraught, also added the same threat. If Gyan does not come to apologise to the family, they have some dirty secrets they are ready to reveal.

“If the guy will not come put and say the truth and apologize to the family, whereby the AG and authorities have refused to seek justice for my daughter. By hook or crook, the guy must apologise. If not, the truth will come out.”

She also called on the President to intervene, if that is what it would take to get to the truth of the matter.

“I’m not rich. My late husband was not a rich man. He was just a chief inspector, a station officer. Are you getting me?” So the fact that we are not rich are we not Ghanaian too? I’m asking the AG. I believe the president is watching. And the AG is under him. So what is the president doing? He can see that ‘no this is not good’, call the case, call the captain for him to answer… If it takes a thousand years, my daughter’s name will be cleared by hook or crook,”


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