GC Exclusive: Girlfriend of Sarkodie-Tracy Gives Birth

Rapper Michael Owusu Addo, known in the biz as Sarkodie, seems to have hit a huge milestone in his relationship with Tracy, with news filtering in that the couple have given birth to their first child.
A source tipped GhanaCelebrities.Com off to the warming news, with the birth reportedly taking place on Friday.
Sarkodie has been together with Tracy for the better part of a decade, and she’s often held up as a model spouse, one who has been with their partner long before they hit the limelight for their talent.
GhanaCelebrities.Com is working to get confirmation of the story from Sarkodie’s camp. In the interim, we would like to say congratulations are in order.


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0 thoughts on “GC Exclusive: Girlfriend of Sarkodie-Tracy Gives Birth”

  1. am wondering why after 10 years he hasn’t married her yet. Anyway a man will go as far as a woman permits. If she was willing to get pregnant without a ring, he will give it to her. Congrats Tracy but seriously you deserve to be the certified Mrs not just the well known baby mama

  2. errrm we both dont know whats up…they are the one in the relationship…and they are the only ones that know what they are doing…i know a couple…the met the lady who is now his wife when they both were 18…they are now in their early 30s…and they got married like two years ago…..its amazing to be around them..they are practically bestfriends…i know of a couple who got married 1 year after they met…the marraige did not even last 1 year and now they are the worst enemies ever…I am not saying when people shpould be toasting eeachother for years and not marry eachother…im just saying they are grown ups they know whats up…just cos they have been together for years doesnt mean…maybe they have done a very descrete traditional marriage rites with only their parents og close familys acknowledgement…pls sark and babymama or girlfriend or whatever…keep your relationship unknown to people and you will do just fine…keep it away from the ameboos….

    • I am related to Tracy. We all know Sark at home and have known him for 10 years. There has been no traditional rites or customary processes but I can confirm they are both happy right now about their baby. They have not discussed anything about wedding or engagement or customary rite. They seem happy so we just let them be even though I know it would have been more dignified if she was his official Mrs.

      • ahh oh saa…anyways my point is people should be allowed to make their own decisions and relationship out of the sight of the public last longer…expecially when one is a public figure…I was just replying to the comment above…congras to the family though


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