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First Ever Wedding Of The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster Held In New Zealand

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The world’s first ever Pastafarian wedding- conducted by an official of the growing Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster- was held in New Zealand over the weekend.
British man Toby Ricketts and New Zealander Marianna Fenn tied the knot Saturday on a pirate ship in the South Island town of Akaroa.
The ceremony was officiated by Karen Martyn, the church’s first ever Ministeroni, who received her official status last year.
The couple have been together for four years, and never thought of marriage; but the temptation to hold a Pastafarian wedding was too much to overcome.
“The bride and groom wore head-to-toe pirate regalia, and guests donned eye-patches, pirate hats and feathers for the ceremony,” The Guardian reported.
“Fenn also wore a colander on her head – the official headdress of the church.
“During the ceremony, Ricketts and Fenn exchanged rings made of pasta, and in his vows Ricketts promised to always add salt while boiling spaghetti.” the publication continued.
“It was an extremely fun wedding,” said Fenn.
“But it was romantic, too. I felt romantic.” She added. “It just wasn’t solemn and serious and expensive like so many ceremonies today. A big dress and getting into debt has never appealed to me, but this did.”
Martyn, the officiant, said she has many more weddings lined up in the weeks to come. The church is ready to marry anyone who is willing, whether they are hetero or homo-s*xual.
Karen Martyn
Karen Martyn- Ministeroni

The church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose adherents are known as Pastafarians, is a religion started by an American, Bobby Henderson, as a pushback against fundamentalist Christianity. Pastafarians believe the Universe was created by an invisible Spaghetti Monster, who made the earth look millions of years old, even though its actually just thousands of years.
Church members believe humanity descended from pirates, and that heaven is a stripper factory filled with beer. They dress as pirates to express their faith and wear colanders on their heads.


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