Traditional Priestess Reportedly ‘Converts’ To Christianity After Spiritual Battle With Church

Perhaps this is a prelude of what would have happened to Okomfo Yaw, leading to him deciding to boycott his ‘battle’ with Obinim.
The conversation in Ghana is always reduced to this level, celebrating things we have no way of verifying. So swallowing bullsh*t is almost a national pastime, and people are conned everyday because of it.
A priestess in the Western Region has reportedly converted to Christianity, after she engaged in and lost a spiritual battle to members of the Prayer of Breakthrough Ministries International Church.
After she was soundly defeated, the priestess then eschewed her wicked ways, and joined the shining light that is Christianity- or so the millions of Christians in Ghana would interpret this story.
Graphic Online reports…

A 42-year-old traditional priestess who walked into a church to challenge the head pastor for preventing her from carrying out her spiritual assignment has been converted to Christianity.
The priestess, who gave her name only as Tawiah, stormed the Prayer of Breakthrough Ministries International Church auditorium at Butumagyabu, near Takoradi, to engage the church members in a spiritual battle.
She claimed that the consistent prayers of the church members had prevented her from successfully carrying out her spiritual assignment in the vicinity.
The priestess, who was wearing a smock and had a talisman around her body, first visited the church during service on Sunday, April 17, 2016 to exchange words with Bishop Prince Kweku Asare, the Founder and General Overseer of the church, and warned that she would fortify herself spiritually and return on Wednesday, April 20.
True to her words, ‘Okomfo’ Tawiah returned around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, but that time in a red outfit with charms around her neck and waist.
A Spokesperson for the church, Pastor Cecilia Nickson, told newsmen that because of the first confrontation, the church members fasted and prayed for three days in anticipation of her return.
She said when the priestess returned last Wednesday, the congregation met her with fervent prayers, while she also recited incantations until she finally succumbed to the power of God.
Pastor Nickson said afterwards, the priestess confessed that she had actually been assigned to kill a man in the vicinity who had gone to her shrine for help but refused to redeem his promise to the shrine.


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