Afia Schwarzenegger And Diamond At War Again- Over Copied Hairstyles

These two women cannot stand each other, and because neither has any scruples, continue to diss each other in public in the most demeaning of ways.
The latest issue they have decided to fight about is who copied who’s hairstyle, funnily enough.
Afia Schwarzenegger posted a photo to Instagram Sunday showing herself at the Salon. In her caption, she couldn’t resist taking a shot at her nemesis, accusing her of copying her hairstyle.
Obviously that didn’t go down too well with Diamond, who hit back with typical vulgarity. They say she is a parliamentary candidate in some constituency, but her social media footprint makes that difficult to believe.
Check out fight no 1,753 between Diamond and Afia below…

Did I just hear a BLOCKED monkey that keeps monitoring my page 24 hrs chatter abt braids I did 18 days ago ??? lmaoooooo the fact that I don’t post pics on instagram everyday bcos Politicians dont pose n do that typo free instagram modelling sh**t doesnt mean a fashionista like me will copy a common hairstyle all over the place from u when i even braided my hair before u did. what do u know abt hair n fashion? Have u forgotten so soon u were a maid in ur fellow woman’s house scrubbing her toilet n kissing her a**s just to be featured on her Tv show? when we were we, you were washing ur fellow woman’s G – strings n cleaning her house. Hahaha are u even mentioned or seen as a big gal in this town someone like me will copy ??? masre saa..Anokwa kw3 di3 pompo twer3 w) amotuam ? Aawwww n for ur information my long silky natural hair is better than ur eroded hair with ur agyenfo yariba hairline n my flawless face with just a touch of powder is also better than urs with all the layers of make-up in the world. Look for ur fellow housemaids n cleaners to compete with cos u know dis boss chick is not in ur league n will never be ??? I don’t fool before am able to feed myself neither am I jobless with an imaginary contracts that doesn’t exist. Someone shld pls plead with her madam to employ her back to her scrubbing n cleaning position cos her former maid’s joblessness has made her become a nuisance to the Society. Hey stop trying hard to compete where u don’t compare n stay in ur cantata zone #Jokers got Jokes
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