My Childhood Training Ensured I Can Use My Hands Well – Oko Vanderpuye Explains Why He Was Braiding Hair And 'Driving' Banku With Constituents

Oko Vanderpuije
Oko Vanderpuije

Accra mayor Alfred Oko Vanderpuye has hit back at critics of his who claim he’s playing politics in recent photos showing him braiding the hair and cooking with his constituents.
Vanderpuye says he has the ability to use his hands to do so many things because he was trained well as a child by his parent, making him a great braider of hair and cook.
“When I was growing up, my parents ensured that I developed skills, about the use of hands to be able to stand the test of time.” Vanderpuye told 3Fm.
“I had three sisters and I used to braid their hair. I braided my wife’s hair and that of my two daughters too when they were growing up. I also learnt to sew from my mother who was a seamstress. I am also a very good cook” he added.
He then said his actions was to help build a strong affiliation within the people with such skills, skills we he believes are needed to build a greater Ghana.
“In this dispensation, I believe that if Ghana will move to the next level of our development, we’ll have to prioritize skills development. We have to teach our youth how to use their hands; we have to return to the farm.
“We have to add value to the things we do. It’s acceptable for me to come to your station and sell myself but if I braid hair people have a problem. But we forget that the hair industry is a major industry that needs our support. So I braided the hair to let them know that I have the skills, I understand their business and I am there to help them advance their business” Oko opined.


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