200 Cars Mahama Used At The Presidency Missing

President Akufo Addo is faced with a vehicular movement challenge as Ghana’s new President in discharging his duties as 200 cars which by record is supposed to be at his disposal cannot be found.

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Director Of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin made the revelation and indicated that Nana Addo is forced to use his own cars as Ghana’s President.

“As I speak to you there is only one vehicle he has been using during his rounds in Accra. You definitely have to ask yourself where are all the vehicles. President Akufo-Addo is currently using a 2007 BMW model purchased by the state during the Ghana @50 celebrations… That is what he is using. So where are the cars?” Mr. Arhin told Naa Dedei Tetteh on Starr Fm.

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Eugene Arhin describes the situation as very unfortunate and fingers President Mahama’s administration for the missing cars.

This comes to serve thoughts as to why the Government has instituted means in pursuit of searching for State owned cars, which could probably be the reason Kofi Adam’s house was raided by invisible forces that seized his cars.

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According to Mr. Arhin when the President is travelling outside Accra, he uses his own Land Cruisers which he used during his campaign and those cars have no security features for the President.

He said “it’s certainly not the right thing but this is the kind of situation we are confronted with”.

However, the NDC’s Dr. Clement Apaak a former Presidential Staffer at Mahama’s presidency has dismissed the claim of any such number of cars missing caused by the erstwhile NDC Administration.

He said “It is a strange occurrence because as far as I know all cars that we used should be in the custody of the state…I will find it a bit more strange if indeed the claims he [Eugene Arhin] made can be justified”.

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Mr. Apaak who is now an MP for Builsa South Constituency stated that he returned his official car and he knows his other working colleagues did same.

“the only vehicles that we were allowed to pay as part of auction are the salon cars that we had used for four years…so to say that 200 cars are missing I find it strange and one that we cannot fathom with.” Mr. Apaak added.

This “missing cars” political tale is raising so many questions without any convincing answer, so who can we trust now? The Nana Addo or Mahama Administration???


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