Women Must Be Bold For Change – Kafui Danku


Actress Kafui Danku was honoured by her alma matter the University of Cape Coast on International Women’s Day for her contributions to women empowerment.

Coming off of that immense experience, Danku has authored a rallying call to action for all women, calling on them to be bold in fighting for change.

Writing on her blog, the mother of one said women should fight for change regardless of the obstacles placed before them. In her view, there has been some cowardice in fighting for women’s causes by women, although she used the more cautious word ‘pusillanimous’.

“There is always that cliche line, “Men are putting us down”? How determined and far up the ladder have we gone? How much have we done to earn their respect? I take examples of women who are topping the ladder in their career and they are all tough and determined women.” Danku wrote.

“… One thing I have seen by being surrounded by men is their unfailing determination to be in the top cycle. It’s interesting how we have so much courage and inner strength yet find ourselves cowardly shifting from the top cycle because we have been marginalized against. We seek to be heard, respected and considered for leadership in all fields of life. It is clear that many women are getting leadership positions over the years… But What is the ratio?

“Are we bold enough to take the wheels when we get the opportunities? Creating awareness of Gender equality is not enough when we do not have the courage to make it work. Education is also a tool we need in this vision. Gender parity must be unbiased in order to give women the qualification for various leadership positions.” she continued.

“What more is there to be said that has not been said already in the many women gatherings worldwide? The difference is action. Let’s act now. Let’s be bold for that change that will put women on top of the world where we are meant for. Boldness is critical in bringing about change, Through hard work and fair accessibility of opportunities to lead in the cooperate world, entertainment, sports, government and every other.

“It’s time to talk less and do more. Our voices must be brought to life with action. God bless women. God bless the world.”


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