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My Story: How Ghanaian Beat Maker Appietus Cheated Me And ‘Fraudulently’ Sold My Beat to Nero X


If you are an artist who desires to work with popular Ghanaian beat maker-Appietus, you ought to be wary of his “fraudulent ways”—at least, that’s what Ghanaian musician-Sariki seems to say.

Sariki, formerly known as Bossu and famous for his 2013 hit song-Bata Wujin featuring StoneBwoy and Sormiha featuring Yaa Pono has told GhanaCelebrities.Com about how Appietus sold a beat to him for 2500 GHS in 2014 and years later sold the same beat to Nero X for Appietu’s recently released compilation.

“In 2014, my management-Gye Nyame Entertainment based in the U.K through Obrafour paid Appietus 2500 GHS in Ghana for him to produce a beat for a single which he did,” Sariki said.

“Immediately the beat was ready, I recorded a song which featured Obrafour and Don Itchy (Appietus’ own artist). But since Obrafour was busy, we did not have time to shoot a music video for the song which we wanted to release alongside the video,” he added.

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According to Sariki, he finally secured a slot on Obrafour’s calendar to record the video this year—but when preparations were underway, he got a hint that Appietus had released a compilation album on which the same beat he sold to him was given to Nero X for his ‘Odo Asem’ song.


“I recorded Asantewaa which featured Obrafour on the purchased beat and about 2 years down the line when I was working on a killer video for the song, Nero X drops ‘Odo Asem’ on the same beat, on Appietu’s compilation. As an artist, this has been heartbreaking considering the time and resource already pumped into this,” Sariki told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Listening to both ‘Asantewaa’ and ‘Odo Asem’ (below) confirms Sariki’s story—that both songs were recorded on the same beat.

When Sariki confronted Appietus about the obvious fraud, the beat maker was not even apologetic about what he has done—he claimed he owns the intellectual property of that beat and therefore he could sell it to anyone, especially when Sariki had not officially released his song.

Of course, that’s absolute BS: the fact that a beat maker owns the intellectual property right of a beat he was paid to produce for one artist does not grant him a residue right to sell the beat on to another person later.

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Sariki said: “when I contacted Appietus about this, he said he owns the intellectual property right to the beat and so he can sell it to as many people as he wants. I explained to him that, my management paid him to produce a beat for me which he did. Sure, he owns the intellectual property right which he will enjoy in a form of royalties and others but his intellectual property right does not entitle him to sell or give the same beat to any other artist.”

Sariki says he’s shocked that Appietus could do such a thing and even set out to defend what’s obviously a fraud without blinking an eye.

“I am shocked he did this and I want every artist to be extra careful when dealing with Appietus,” Sariki said.

Sariki – Asantewaa ft. Obrafour x Don Itchy (Prod. by Appietus) 


Nero X – Odo Asem (Appietus Compilation)


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