Here's Why Ghanaians Pay Double The Subscription Fees Nigerians Do — In DSTV's Own Words

The cost of living in Ghana is at an all time high these days, with everything on the expensive side from fuel prices to utilities, foodstuffs and even pay tv.
DSTV is the largest pay tv operator on the continent but is scarcely affordable to Ghanaians – with their premium package going for a whopping Ghc 330 per month.
It a well known secret that Ghanaians pay far more for the service in comparison to Nigerians, roughly double – an issue which even leads to many Ghanaians illegally connecting to DSTV’s Nigeria service here in Ghana.
A comment spotted by GhanaCelebrities.Com on DSTV Ghana’s page explains why we pay far more in subscription fees than our Nigerian counterparts and according to DSTV, it is primarily due to the difference in taxes between the two nations.
Nigerians pay a paltry 5% taxes on the subscription fee but in Ghana, not only do we pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) but we also pay a further Communication Service Tax, leading to the far more expensive fees.
DSTV also added other reasons for the difference in charges.

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But looking at the taxes simply on their own, it’s absurd that Nigerians get to pay 5% charge on something whilst Ghana’s tax goes as far as 24% – the difference is so astounding it’s ridiculous.
What crimes have we committed in Ghana that we should be taxed so steeply, and what is the money even used for, looking at the state of our nation?
And despite all this hardship some people would say you should shut up when our money has been embezzled. Nonsense!
Read  DSTV’s explanation below…
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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