VIDEO: Wendy Shay Checking Out Delay’s Bortos To See Whether If It’s Also Infested With Rashes Like Hers


Last week a very rare photograph of Ghana’s female sensational musician Wendy Addo aka Wendy Shay popped up on social media making the “Uber Driver” hitmaker the subject of trolls everywhere on the internet.

Wendy Shay performed at the lowly publicized or talked about Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant and whilst performing and twerking her humongous backside on stage the cameras captured and revealed that her bortos is somewhat infested with weird rashes.

Wendy quickly made a Facebook post explaining that someone tampered with the picture just to soil her reputation and put her up for public ridicule. made available a video that actually proved that nobody really tampered with Wendy’s picture and that her Facebook post was just made to court public sympathy and to reduce the backlash she is getting from her rashes infested bortos.

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Just this afternoon Deloris Frimpong Manso, host of the “Delay Show” has posted a video of herself and Wendy on Instagram and in the video, Wendy was checking out Delay’s bortos and I feel Wendy wanted to check whether if the television host also has a rotten and rashes infested backside.

Watch the video below…




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