Guy Who Won Ghc 57m in Sports Betting from Safaribet Yet to Receive even One Pesewa of His Huge WIN

Last year, an amazing story went viral about a young man who won an incredible amount of Ghc 57m in sports betting with the company Safaribet.

Theophilus Morgan bet Ghc1 each on 220 betting slips with odds of 261,000. That meant each betting slip, if won, would earn Morgan Ghc 261,000.

All 220 slips turned out to be accurate, which meant the young man had won an incredible Ghc 57m. It was at that moment that Safaribet started ‘mafiaing’ him with delay tactics and intimidation to weasel out of paying the cash.

They initially wanted to pay him only one slip out of the 222, only on the condition that he signed a document waiving rights to the other 221. After he refused, they decided not to pay anything to him, leading to Morgan petitioning the gaming commission.

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The Commission wrote a letter to Safaribet instructing them to pay him an initial sum of Ghc 286,000 whilst they conduct investigations into his complaint. They were given a deadline of February 20th to make the payment but till now, they have refused to do so.

Despite Safaribet’s refusal, the gaming commission has failed to take any action against them, and the young man who took refuge in them as his last resort is still unpaid despite winning such a massive bet.

Betting is something which many Ghanaian youth indulge in, and lose sums of money every single day. Betting companies don’t give you the time of day when you lose but apparently when you win, they are reluctant to pay out as well.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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