VIDEOS: Princess Shyngle Shows Off 2 Expensive Wrist Watches All Sponsored By Her ‘Idiotic’ Boyfriend

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The ‘Tapoli’ Princess, Princess Shyngle is back again and this time it’s not about the brand new Benz Brabus publicity stunts ─it’s a different stunt now.

The Gambian Ghana-based model has flaunted two expensive watches on Instagram and as usual, she claims her boyfriend whom she tagged as an idiot and a goat bought them for her.

She posted videos of the wrist watches with the captions:

“Two bad ass watches in less than a week ❤️💃🏽 please can we get married already 😂 I’m ready Abeg 😂❤️ I love you baby ❤️ thanks for always spoiling me ❤️❤️❤️ chaiii can’t wait to see you oh, make sure your bed is very strong sha cuz I have a lot of surprises for you too 😂😂 I’ll be cooking too don’t worry my choice 😂😂😂😆❤️ my man rocks ❤️”.

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“If I don’t hail my man watin ah gain 🙌🏽 first a car now this 💃🏽❤️ I’ve never owned a diamond watch before so I’m beyond excited 😆 you’re hands down the best man in the world ❤️ thanks for always going all out for me ❤️ thanks for my gift, I love it and I love you ❤️ can’t wait to see you soon baby I miss you ❤️❤️❤️ long distance sucks though 😢”.

Apparently, the ‘idiot’ is still showering Princess Shyngle with expensive gifts after all the insults rained on him.


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shyngle watch2


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