VIDEO: Young Ghanaian Man Boldly Sets His Bible On Fire; Says It’s Not Part Of Our Culture

A lot of young Ghanaian men and women are gradually parting ways with Christianity—with reasons that it’s not our culture, it was introduced by the West to put fear in us and many other reasons.

Trust me, in a few years to come, the majority of Ghanaian youths will turn to Atheism or embrace the traditional religion which according to history, was being practised by our forefathers before the introduction of Christianity by the West during the colonial era.

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In the light of the above, a bold and young Ghanaian has set his Bible on fire with a reason that it’s part of the Ghanaian culture.

According to this young man, he respects and fears the popular god ‘Antoa’ than the Bible.

In a video going viral on Facebook, he was seen burning his Bible in the open and bragging that nothing bad can happen to him because there’s no power in the Bible as Christians claim.

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He torn the Bible apart and then lit it up with a lighter and burned it into ashes.

Watch the video below.



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