The Devil Is Ruling the World and Causing Diseases – Dag Heward-Mills Blames Bonsam As Pastors Are Exposed As Impotent By COVID-19

As the coronavirus has rendered all the so-called powerful pastors in Ghana impotent, they have to find someone else to blame so they can continue to convince their congregations that they are still vessels of an all powerful God.

Who do the religious blame when things don’t go their way? The devil, of course. The devil causes everything evil, God causes everything good, case closed.

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Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of the Lighthouse Chapel has warned his congregation that everything happening in the world right now is due to the devil.

According to the Bishop, the devil is ‘ruling the world’ and causing ‘diseases and sicknesses’.

He also said healing works and they believe in miracles even as he hides in his room to escape the virus.

God apparently is on vacation to allow the devil cause all this destruction.

Also I thought the work of preachers is to fight the devil on behalf of their congregants? If the devil and coronavirus is winning doesn’t it mean Heward-Mills and his folks are very bad at their jobs?

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You can never understand these religious folks anyway.

Read Dag Heward-Mill’s tweets on the issue below…buy this crap he’s selling at your own peril.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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