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The Lock Down could Cause Many Ghanaians to Starve like it Happened in 1983 says Kumawood Actor Oteele


Kumawood actor Yao Mawunyo popular known as Oteele is calling for the government to consider its actions carefully.

The actor who is known for his size and the amount of food he can consume in an interview with Zion Felix shared his fears about a potential lock down in the country.

According to the actor, farming is that, the lock down has led to an increase in prices for many essential and everyday food stuff. He urged people to use events in the country before the lock down to judge what is likely to happen during a lock down. He brought up the shortage of food in the markets and the price hikes in goods as a reason why he believes the country will take a turn for the worse in a lock down.

The actor claimed he had lost weight since the president announced that people should stop all forms of gathering. “Nobody is bringing food from the villages since the announcement from the President”, and because of that the market women have inflated the price of cassava so I can not eat as much fufu as I use to, said the actor. If we are not careful the lock down of the country will return “Ghana to the same conditions as in 1983”, he said.

Some people have flaunted the order to remain at home but the police force in Ghana is dealing with the situation. Some videos have been circulating showing how the police are dealing with the people that refuse to adhere to the order. Some of them are seen being physically abused by the police while others have been handled very well and in a professional manner by the police.


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