You Think Bobrisky Is A Little Braggart? Wait Till You See Her Garage Packed With The Best Cars Money Can Buy- VIDEO

Truth be told, Bobrisky can talk— sometimes, it is hard to tell if all that she says is even true.

People have labeled her with all sorts of tags and braggart has had prominence all this while but as the good old saying goes— it is not bragging if it is true…

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In this January this year, the socialite and female barbie were allegedly held in police custody with her cars seized.

Although details that surrounded her arrested remained vague as at that time, Bob led us to believe that there was no truth in any of that.

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One thing that Bob has been unapologetic about is how she readily flaunts what she has on social media. She has maintained that she is not on the same level with most slay queens.

Bob in a new post has launched an attack on people hating on her since the ’90s.

She says they should relax on their hating because all she has shown us by far is her closet, adding that the world would come to a standstill when we see her garage packed with cars.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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