So-called Man of the People Shatta Wale Turns COVID Into Money-Making Venture Selling Ghc 10 ‘Reign’ Face Mask To His Lower Class Fans

Self-proclaimed ‘Dancehall King’ and so-called ‘man of the People’, Shatta Wale, has decided to turn the current COVID crisis into a money-making venture.

Wale has produced ‘Reign’ customized face masks which are on sale for Gghc10 each at his ‘Reign Shop’ in East Legon.

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Shatta Wale has made his name for standing up for his fans who are often from the ‘streets’, people from the lower end of the economic ladder who look up to him as an aspirational figure.

These people were most impacted by the recent lockdown and whilst still rebuilding their lives, Wale is selling these customized facemasks at a price which would be a luxury for most of them.

Facemasks are necessary and not a luxury and Wale could have easily sold his at a discount price or even matched the price on the open market.

At Ghc 10 a mask for lower-class people who have to worry about having 3 square meals a day, this looks more like a money-making venture.

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The Shatta fans won’t say it and would praise Daddy no matter what he does but this is an outrage that Wale is considering making money out of this situation!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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