DKB’s Big Head Houses A Very Small Brain – You Just Have to Listen to His Stand-Up to Know That

Ghanaian comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney known professionally as DKB displayed his stunning ignorance and lack of sensitivity Monday after news went viral about the death of Nicole Thea.

Nicole Thea is the British-Ghanaian YouTube star who died with her unborn baby named Reign, sending certain sections of social media where she was considered a star into mourning.

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Thea had posted a lot about her pregnancy on social media, which is normal considering that was literally her job, to post about herself on social media.

However, with her death, the typical Ghanaian superstitious mindset was sent into overdrive with people blaming her for causing her own child’s death due to posting on social media.

Random people on social media saying that somewhere is cool but DKB, a so-called public figure also came in and showed a stunning lack of sensitivity by attacking Nicole.

“You display your pregnancy so much, you think principalities and witches would not attack you? RIP dear other girls learn your lesson. There are spiritual forces roaming and looking for victims,” he wrote.


The lack of sensitivity in his post is even not his worst offence but simply his breathtaking ignorance of how the real world works. We don’t have any idea what killed Nicole, what medical condition she might have but this doofus with a head the size of the Titanic is placing his beliefs into her life and blaming her.

One might think a head the size of DKB’s would house a brain of proportionate size but unfortunately, that’s not the case. He seems dumb as a pile of rocks and you only have to listen to his so-called comedy to grasp that. Comedy is not for the dumb indeed.

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He seems very invested in leading a life directed by superstitious crap as it was only a few weeks ago that he attacked Efia Odo with unprintable words for saying something he perceived as negative about his religion.

That mindset of his can only get him some few fans in Ghana but when we’re talking about a global village, he cannot take that nonsense anywhere past Ghana and Benin.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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