They’re Offered Big Money But Paid Only Ghc 500 – Blogger Exposes Sad Life of Ashawobrities

The sad life of the Ghanaian ashawobrity has been completely laid bare by notorious Instagram blogger thosecalledcelebs.

The Ghanaian blogger domiciled in Germany has taken to her pages to reveal the secrets behind large claims being made by Efia Odo this morning.

Efia Odo is in a hot beef with Victoria Lebene over Lebene shading her for dressing inappropriately.

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The wife of the Ghanaian blogger Nkonkonsa, Lebene took a needless shade at Odo recently during the Fix the Country demonstration.

According to Lebene, those shouting ‘fix the country’ should first make sure to fix their indecent dressing, a clear jab at Ms Odo.

Ghanaians have been giving Efia Odo the same criticism since she started fighting for the Fix the Country campaign so Lebene highlighting it was a clear message to Odo.

As combative as we all know she is, Odo also did not take the critique lying down and decided to fire back at Lebene.

She claimed that Lebene tried pimping her out when she wasn’t married but she refused as she does not sell her p*ssy under any circumstances.

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Odo fired: “Lol you’re married now so you think your decent? Lmaooo you forgot when you tried to “hook” me up and I told you I don’t do hook ups? Talking bout he will give me $2k 😂😂😂. B*tch you was selling p*ssy and tried to make me sell mine but now you’re married so you’re decent😂”

Odo in other tweets also claimed that she has been offered as much as $5,000- $10,000 for a hookup but she always turns it down.

Those claims brought thosecalled celebs out to rubbish all the huge numbers these ashawobrities are throwing around.

According to her, they can be offered all the money in the world but after the fact, they are paid only Ghc 500 to go on their way.

Sh wrote: “Hook up ooooo ….hook up 😆😆😆😆❤ 2000 US dollars on board oooo but wen dey go …dey come home with 500ghc 😆❤…. u see de job ur so called celebs are doing n Come n tell u to work hard?? ….ahwell….”


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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