I Don’t Want To Be An Actress Anymore; I Want To Do Law- Princess Shyngle

For starters, this is even laughable— actress Princess Shyngle saying she does not want to be an actress when we can count the number of movies, (which by the way are not even any key roles) she has starred in on a single hand. Perhaps she has realised the path she has chosen won’t help her.

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Anas’ Expose: Lawyer For Judges Says The Video Is A Fabrication

Ghana corrupt judges

A lawyer representing fourteen of the judges implicated in the bribery scandal claims the video is a fabrication that is designed to get his clients unfairly tagged as corrupt.

The lawyer, Charles Kwesi Bentum, argues that the video seems manipulated, with several frames arranged in a way to portray some of the judges as taking money when they did no such thing.

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