I Left Showbiz Because What It Could Give Me Couldn’t Match My Ambitions — Mimi


Former singer and reality tv star Mimi Andani-Michaels, has spoken out about why she left the showbiz industry as a performer to become a businesswoman and showbiz executive.

According to Mimi, the showbiz industry in Ghana does not pay and looking at the ambitions she had for herself, it was not likely that being a singer could get her to the heights she envisioned.

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‘If You Got the Opportunity to Be On BBA You Might Get N*ked Yourself’-DKB Tells Ghanaians



There has been a lot of brouhaha over how the insanely popular reality show Big Brother Africa is losing its essence, and how it has turned more into an avenue to promote ‘seks’ and immorality.

The interesting thing about this to me though, is that those who complain still keep watching. If you are so bothered maybe stop watching and find something else to occupy your time.

Anyway, Derrick Kobina Bonney, or DKB, one of Ghana’s former representatives on the show has laid into the members of the public who keep complaining about the show. To him BBA is about more than just n*dity and immorality, but it’s a big opportunity to market yourself which people try to do through any means possible.

DKB was speaking on Radio Universe and said he had the same complaints before entering the house.

“People who are always complaining about the n*kedness would stop complaining if they get the opportunity to enter the house. The main focus of the show is about you and your personality not the n*ked scenes”

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Did Eazzy Leave Lynx Entertainment For Big Brother Stargame? + Why BBA Is Not A Good Move For Her!

blankLast week was a packed week for Eazzy who until she left was called ‘the first lady of Lynx Entertainment’–she was the first female artiste to be signed onto the youngest and award winning label.
The ‘Wengeze’ hit maker was planning fervently for the release of her new music video ‘Go Go Wind’ which took place at Rockstone’s Office on Friday.
Few days to the event and what seems like low publicity for the video premiere, her label, Lynx Entertainment released a press statement stating categorically clear that, they are handing over the artiste to broadcaster KOD for a new management deal.
General Manager of Lynx Ghana, Mother Company of Lynx Entertainment, Albert Mensah who signed the release said the decision to transfer/hand Eazzy to KOD was after a series of meeting and mutual agreement.
According to sources, the release by Lynx Entertainment affected the already-not-impressive publicity for the video premiere. Sources said that, KOD had planned series of interviews on radio and television for Eazzy to beef up the publicity for the event “but Lynx Entertainment’s press statement killed the plan” said the source.

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Habiba [Formerly Mimi] Unveils New Promo Photos!


When we broke the news that, Ghanaian singer Miss Wilhelmina Abiba Abu-Andani known in the showbiz industry as Mimi Divalish has changed her name to Habiba, we promised to bring you the new image for the new brand.
She said: “I changed name to Habiba, though names don’t change personalities, they build it. Habiba is my inner ego and so I introduce to you Habiba which means my beloved, sweetheart or my love one in Arabic.”

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Ghana’s Big Brother Amplified Rep Alex Biney Stars In A Movie ‘Sons Of Satan’!

Alex Biney on location

One of Ghana’s representatives to the recent Big Brother reality Tv show ‘BB Amplified’-Alex Biney has just finished shooting his scenes in the latest movie from controversial movie maker and CEO of Movie Africa Productions, Socrate Sarfo.

Alex who is also known by many as ‘Bomaye’, a name he got while in the Big Brother house has said that, he is ready to grab any opportunity thrown at him.

It appears he didn’t slack in grabbing the opportunity to star alongside Fred Amugi, Vivian Achor, Eddie Watsons, Baby Blanche and others in Socrate Safo’s ‘Sons Of Satan’.

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Big Brother Amplified: Confidence Is At The Edge Of Kick Out, Her Bossy Attitude In The House Is Not Helping As She Is Seen As Control Freak!

Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

On Sunday May 15, one housemate in the ongoing Big Brother Amplified will be evicted from the house. Last Monday, housemates did put forward names of housemates they would want to see evicted from the house.

If housemates, who nominated Confidence’s sentiments are something to go by, then it means that, in all indication, the owner of the biggest night club in Ghana seems to be the favourite and the first housemate to be voted out of the show. The only thing that can save her now is votes.

After the nomination show, 6 housemates were nominated for possible eviction. The 6 includes one of Ghana’s reps Confidence, the CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club who looks not to have settled fully in the house. Her domineering approach to issues and things has taken the better part of her to the annoyance of the other housemates who thinks she’s a control freak.

With poor showing from Ghana’s previous BBA shows, I was asked when the current edition started with housemates entering the BBA house if I think Confidence is good enough to rep the country. I remember  saying that, everybody in Ghana can represent the country but if the person picked will have the right attitude, adopt correct game plan with votes coming in, that person is likely to go far even if not getting close to the prize at stake; USD200.000.

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